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FTRS - Canada/ Kenya

Does anyone know the process of getting a FTRS to Canada or Kenya? Spoke to my PSI and he said to get the form from Armynet but canna find it. How long does it take to process from start to deployment?
Hey wots happening? Am looking at gettin away for a few moths, then Cyprus, fcuk this civi street working......

Wot u up2? U changed ur email address? sent u an email yesterday and it came bac undelivered.......
Changed ISP mate. If you go to armynet klick on TA+res, then click yes in the pop up box, then scroll down to the FTRS trawl, then click FTRS process and a PDF file will open up. All in there.
Cheers mate, u nt fancy joining me? Mind u i hve2speak2the long haired Cpl yet....sorry short haired Lcpl....LOL, she's bk2morrow......!!!!!!!:( LOL only joking :)
True, dont know if i'll go or not, Kenya is a good place to go, mind u theris one in Edi at HQ 52 inf bde, dont know where that is though, its for a Lcpl driver/sect comd, mite lk in2 that.
hey nothing new, she said u lot were nearly as mad as me n Lisa, she's a gd girl, bit serious though, i fell asleep during her orders, then i raged her for not using the PRR during a section att, she's go a sqeecky voice an no1 could hear her...LOL, mind u didn't have a clue wot was happenin as i fell asleep when she was doing the summary....gd drills
Now there's nothing new.....u told me once that u luved me.....member.....???? u need to stop doing it, its like me....i used to drop me trousers when i was pished...not gd........

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