Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FAB_Tel, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Evening all,

    I have applied and been accepted for an FTRS post as Infantry Safety Staff in BATUS. I have no experience of FTRS and have made enquiries around the TAC but no one seems to be able to tell me much.

    What i do know is i am to be booked on the next FTRS prep day at RTMC Chilwell which includes a medical and dental, can anyone possibly tell me what these entails apart from the obvious?

    Mainly i wish to find out:

    a) what the job is about
    b) what kind of facilities are available at BATUS
    c) from b) what would be advisable to bring along

    Any help or advice you can provide would be graciously received.

    Many thanks in advance

  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. There really are some Gucci jobs out there.

    I met a bloke who mobilised at the same time as me whose paperwork said he was going to TAMPA.

    Me: "TAMPA? Whats that? The TA Manning and Personnel Agency? Never heard of it!"

    Him: " Na mate, its TAMPA, Florida. I'm going to be the Senior UK General's driver for six months at CENTCOM."

    Me: "You jammy bast@rd".
  4. Learn to ice-skate

    Batus staff play allot of ice-hockey :p
  5. Not in summer they don't.
  6. PM sniper3. He is FTRS.
  7. F_T, i'll help you out, don't listen to grumpy old MSR :p

    If you are Safety Staff you will be part of the RSCG (Range Safety and Control Group). You will be very busy, spending a lot of time on the Prairie.

    I would bring something to keep you occupied during the long hours of wait in your vehicle PSP, DVD player, Crossword!

    BATUS is 256Km from Calgary. 40Km from Medicine hat, costs about $60 in a Taxi.

    If you are a JNCO the JRC is OK and if a SNCO the Mess is cracking when you get the opportunity to use it.

    There is a CANEX (=NAAFI) 2km from camp in Ralston Village, where the gym is also located. The Gym has all the normal stuff plus a swimming pool.

    July there is no MED MAN, so you may get the opportunity to go Adventure Training near Banff.

    Anything else you need to know just ask.
  8. I have applied for a generic post under the guise of Infantry Safety Staff, the specifics of the actual job are of little importance to me, hence why i post here to find out a little more information, this job is a means to an end.

    However thanks for the link MSR, i had searched previously but could not find much related to the actual post i had applied for.

    To everyone else, thankyou very much for advice so far, every little helps.

    Dinger, will PM, very much appreciate a little more info.

    Cheers all
  9. Trying to get your foot in the [back]door?