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FTRS application

I am interested in applying for an FTRS (HC) post, does anyone know if there's anyplace on-line I can get the application form? The only form that's on the FTRS web-site is for either FC or LC. Also I've been informed by my unit that I have to put a letter in to the OC, is this normal? Does anyone have any templates for this they could post here?
Only Full & Limited Commitment been cut, still some Home Commitment. Though there are some FC posts for officers. Check out the FTRS web site.


Also I think FTRS in 'Operational Pinch Point' trade or qualification streams are still permitted. These vary according to Arm/Service and rank so you will need to check up.
If you apply for an FTRS post through your unit and they won't put you forward for it is there anything you can do about it?

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