FTRS and the LSGC

Discussion in 'Medals' started by She_Rah, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. Now here is question for the experts,

    Does FTRS service go towards the LSGC? I may have already qualified, if not I may have to serve an extra 6 weeks to qualify before I leave!!

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Do the 6 weeks. Even the SPVA medals office get it wrong at times - so be on the safe side.
  3. The answer is in the question;

    FTRS = Full Time RESERVE Service

    LS&GC is for REGULAR service!!!
  4. But FT Reserve Service is what it says.. 'full time' with the Regulars including on op tours. Good point though, perhaps the Part Time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 may hold the answer!
  5. Don't you qualify for the TA efficiency Medal or what ever its called? And isn't this the TA equivalent of the LS&GCM?

    Edited to add, Ok just seen the link for VRSM, so shouldn't you qualify for that instead? :D
  6. Not all Reservists are TA. Some are Regular Reservists (Section D) that do not qualify for the TA gong, but like the TA can do FTRS. Section D time whilst mobilised on op tours does count towards the LS&GC medal, if you never got in a former life.
  7. My advice mate would be to contact the Medals office, see link. They'll give it to you straight.
  8. FTRS service counts towards VRSM not LS&GC - TA Regs:

    Qualifying Service
    7. The following will reckon as single qualifying service:
    a. Service after the age of 18 in the Reserve Forces listed at para 5a, subject to the provisions of paras 8 and 9, and
    except where such service is solely for duty with the Cadet Forces, in which case such service will reckon
    towards the Cadet Forces Medal.
    b. Service in any of the authorized auxiliary forces of the Commonwealth that has not been counted towards the
    award of any other long service award.
    c. Service in the Ulster Defence Regiment (Part Time) (UDR (PT)) which was reckonable towards but was
    insufficient for the award of the UDR Medal or Clasps, or service in the Royal Irish (Home Service) (Part Time)
    (R IRISH (HS) (PT)) but was insufficient for the award of the Northern Ireland Home Service Medal or Clasps.
    d. Service on permanent service following Call-Out, a Short Service Volunteer Commission (SSVC), Short Term
    Regular Commission (STRC), Short Service Engagement (SSE), Short Term Regular Engagement (STRE), Full
    Time Reserve Service (FTRS) or any combination of these forms of service up to a maximum of 5 years
    aggregated service.
    e. Service as a Reservist under the provisions of Sections 25 or 27 of the Reserve Forces Act 1996 (RFA 96)
    covering additional duties, commitments and additional voluntary training and duties.

  9. Thanks for the help, incidentally I have only done 12 months FTRS all my other service is regular!

    Looks like it is an extra 6 weeks for me then!!

    Thanks again,

    She _Rah