Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by doulos, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. I'm taking up an FTRS opportunity which is UK based Mon to Fri for a year. I want to keep training with my TA unit for that period (the FTRS is not with my TA unit) I have reasons for wanting to do this and I think I could argue it would benefitial in terms of my usefulness on subsequent deployment. However I looked into this and the rules say you can't be on FTRS and do TA training. Before I raise this officially and get a no I wanted to check if anyone has encountered this. Also does anyone know who would decide on things like this, is it FTRS manning people?

  2. FTRS basically means that for the period of your FTRS Contract you are employed as a Regular. Regulars cannot be in the TA, ergo you cannot be in the TA for this period. When your FTRS contract finishes you revert back to TA and carry on normal jogging.
  3. It's because the MOD believes that being a member of the TA whilst on FTRS is incompatible with being in full time employment - um,.......

  4. My reading of it is that for obvious reasons you cannot officially be in whatever TA slot it is. Being on FTRS you are 24/7 a Regular soldier and employed in a different LSN. Nothing to stop you turning up and doing voluntary and unpaid work I guess, though there might be insurance issues - officially you would not be on duty if there was an accident, unless you had permission from your FTRS employers to be there. The other issue is you are stopping some other beggar having a go at your job. I'd suggest you step away and let them get on with it.
  5. Though presumably there is a way to work in the same capacity as those regulars who turn up to assist with TA training. I had a couple of regular RE Cpls who came along to assist with recruit training in order to get an additional tick in the box on their next CRs: I'm assuming that no-one had an issue with their being there, since I was writing enclosures on them for the CoC.

    Whilst taking the point about freeing up slots, I find it difficult to be negative about someone who wants to maintain their professionalism in advance of a volunteer's tour. I'm also rather intrigued by the Sabre suggestion, especially if this is a HC FTRS post with no liability to deployment and so unable to reduce the TA's ability to deploy by deploying it's personnel in another LSN (or whatever they're called in JPA speak).
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    FTRS, of any sort (HC, FC, LC, whatever) is incompatible with service in the TA. That's the rules, whatever the reason. These quotes are from (2006DIN02-159):

    7. Military Training. TA appointments cannot continue to be held during a period on FTRS.

    8. Dual Employment. Personnel in receipt of full time rates of pay from the MoD may not be paid in addition for attendance at TA training. Personnel on FTRS have a full time liability to the FTRS post, and may not simultaneously be on the held strength of another unit. Personnel on FTRS may, however, hold a simultaneous ACF/CCF appointment with the FTRS commanding officer's authority.

    So, you can turn up and train, but not be on the strength of the Unit, nor presumably be eligible for any Rations, Transport, etc. Meanwhile, I am reliably informed that, with the onset of JPA, one or two individuals have been revealed as doing both - but they will shortly be put in the picture.
  7. My bold OldSnowy, is that DIN in the public domain somewhere? It could answer another question I have.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Have you not heard of google?

  9. Fair one, thanks MSR.

    It is once again, my friend.
  10. I am on FTRS and continue to do my TA duties - I know of fellow officers who do the same within the RLC.

    Basically I got CoC to agree it from the FTRS point of view. I then got Grantham to consider it. Both parties were more than happy.

    You need to get their agreements before applying. I found Glasgow do not need to know and do not get bothered as long as there are no conflicts of interest.

    The only draw back is you cannot draw TA money for any time spent with them or get the bounty

    But you get to keep in with the TA (useful if on long FTRS). They get you for free..... so more MTD's for others

    PM me if you want more info on how to go about it, but though against the rules (DIN wise) .. it's more than possible to do both
  11. msr

    msr LE

    So you are doing the TA for free?

  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Astonishing! Well, so much for integrity - or has obeying Orders become optional at Grantham? You cannot be in the TA and do FTRS, for very good reasons - do you really think that the Army would not allow it if it could?

    It's not just "against the rules - DIN wise". It's wrong, and illegal from the Military viewpoint. If a Soldier now wants to disobey anything that you order him to do now, you have no leg to stand on.

    Make your choice - you cannot do both. You may not 'like' the 'rules' but that's what they are - and we have to obey them all, not just the ones we like.

    This is the sort of thing that makes the Regs laugh at us, I'm afraid.
  13. Is there not a difference between serving in the TA and serving with/ alongside the TA? There must be any number of TA units who utilise regular soldiers at one end of the scale and cadets at the other to facilitate better training. Neither of these groups are able to serve in the TA, but that does not make their contribution in their own right illegal.
  14. 8. Dual Employment. Personnel in receipt of full time rates of pay from the MoD may not be paid in addition for attendance at TA training

    o_O I assume that doesn't mean civil servants can't be in the TA..
  15. I say, what an interesting thread. So, TA Officers are content to serve with the TA for no financial recompense? ....marvellous.