FTRS and Salary quoted on RAOL...?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Engr, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm hoping that someone will be able to answer my query here...?

    When they advertise roles on the RAOL, I have seen a number of them with Salary Range i.e. £29K to £36K.

    Does this salary range include the pension you are already getting or do they add your pension (making sure it's not more than you were on when you left) ?

  2. Answered it yourself a bit there, you cannot earn more with your FTRS wage and pension combined, therefore they will skim off your pension, I'm guessing you commuted so they claw some of that back, there is no travel allowance or food claims, not a lot really to be cheery about, oh and watch for the higher tax bracket as well, yep I chinned it off last year ;-)
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  3. Cheers bud,

    Yeah I commuted (so expecting them to claw that

    Still a bit unsure about your answer.... if the salary range top whack is £36K does it mean its £36K (final) or £36K (with part of my pension up to my final salary)... ?

  4. In effect you cannot earn more than your peers so if you earn more (which you will with your pension) your pay and/or pension will be abated by the appropriate amount.
  5. Some bad, misleading answers on here!! The way this works is the start point is your last regular salary, index linking is then added to that figure to bring up to the present day. a calculation is then made, your pension (prior to comutation) is added to the salary for the FTRS post, the result of the index linked figure is then taken from this calculation which will then give the abatement figure, this is the figure your pension will be abeted by, commutation is then taken from what remains, if the abatement has wiped out your whole pension then the commutation is taken from your FTRS salary. This is a one off calculation unless promoted, you will continue to receive the massive 1% pay rises!! - probably easier to understand using actual figures so if you want to drop me a PM Engr I will be happy to come up with figures that mean something! Also you are entitled to some allowances, including Meals out Allowance and Subsistence - no HTD or Med/Dental.

  6. Love to know which are the bad, misleading answers as I've got letters from SPVA & HQ Land (as was) stating what I posted. These letters were from when I challenged their request to pay back more than £5000 which they said was because they didn't abate my pension & pay by the correct amount. They refused to provide the evidence and eventually successfully applied to the treasury to write off the amount.

    If you want the definitive answer rather than peoples memories or personal knowledge (which may or may not be couched in the correct terms) write to SPVA and ask, at least you've got the information from the horses mouth so to speak!
  7. The misleading advice is the parts about no food claims or travel also the not earning more than your peers - the abatements are to do with you not earning more than you did in regular service, the only abatement that can be taken from pay is the repayment of commutation if the calculation I mentioned above removes all the pension. So for example if you leave as WO1 then get an FTRS job as a SSgt the abatement would be much less than it would be if you left as a SSgt and went for the same SSgt Post.

  8. Cheer bud, I'll PM
  9. What happens if a TA bloke with no regular army pension applies for an FTRS post? The pay range quoted in the advert on the RAOL won't apply to him, they should reword the adverts and make it clearer as I've little faith it will be explained during the board.
    A level 7 low band SSGT with zero X factor is topped out at around the 33K mark, an FTRS (HC) SSGT post is being advertised as topping out out around the 38K mark, that 5K difference is going to come as some kind of a shock. I'm assuming all FTRS (HC) posts are low band like the old NRPS posts?
  10. If the individual holds the correct trade, which they must really to get the job, they are paid as per the trade - low or high range. TA pers have their pay aligned as per their current level!
  11. All NRPS are low band though, FTRS (HC) are the replacement for NRPS so aren't they also all low band? If not I feel some letters being written.......
  12. NRPS are NOT all low range - if the PID specifies a trade which is high range & individual in the PID holds that trade then individual is paid accordingly!!
  13. I need to have another look at the JSP tommorrow (the hours will fly by). The post I was looking at on the ROAL was for a REME SSGT, all of which are low band. The pay range went up to 38K though, 5 more than a current NRPS REME SSGT.......!!!!!
  14. What trade??