FTRS and GYH(P), Over 37

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Trossachs, Dec 14, 2005.

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  1. I'm mighty confused - which is nothing new....

    Some people on FTRS - who are getting GYH(P) - are telling me I can claim it, the RAO office is saying that FTRS are not entitled.

    Now I know that there is a list of allowances that FTRS cannot claim - its in the paperwork you get sent - but GYH(P) is not mentioned, neither is the over 37 package.

    Any ideas ? - Other than that I'm trying to screw the system for every penny I'm entitled to, which is true.


    ....and the situation is not made any easier by the fact that I will cost mates money if they then lose allowances they are getting now !

    I love this "One Army" concept. I wonder when they will actually bring it in ?
  2. What kind of FTRS engagement are you on, most (not FC) engagements are meant to be local service and do not allow for accn/food/separation allces.
  3. I'm on HC - and yes, there is a list of allowances that FTRS cannot get. The regs say that HC are not entitled to food and accommodation but at COs discretion can use spare accommodation and pay entitled rates, which I do.

    (There is a question here of who ever thought that FTRS posts would be met from people who lived very local to the job - Most Officer posts are on/about Salisbury Plain for a start !).

    My point of confusion is that I know that some of my compadres ARE getting GYH(P), I can find no reference anywhere that says I'm not entitled - its certainly not mentioned in the list of allowances that I cannot claim - schools, removal etc. - and yet the RAO office is currently saying no.

    GYH(P) is there to ensure family stability for those who decide to leave their family based in one place rather than move about on posting. - How is my family different ?
  4. FTRS Home Commitment, the clue is in the name. The only time I think that an HC would be able to get GYH P would be if he/she had a second or subsequent posting. This is why HC personnel are not really entitled to Service Accn or many other allces.

    We deal with many HC officers, mainly staff officers in HQs and none of them qualify for GYH P.
  5. Thanks for that - But can you give me a ref that actually states that ? There is nothing to that effect in the paperwork on FTRS, DCI 74/2004, which lists the allowances that FTRS cannot claim - and does not mention GYH(P) or RAAC Cp 14, which only states that University Cadets cannot claim GYH(P).

    Is there some other published ref or is just an interpretation by some-one penny-pinching ?

    One Army ?
  6. If you think you may entitled to this allowance, where are you living? FTRS HC are not strictly entitled to mil accn, the whole idea being that you live at home and commute to work.
  7. It would be a 912 mile round trip if I did daily commute !! I'd be very interested to know just how many HC jobs are actually held by people who live at home. Of the five people I know about at my place of work, the closest is probably 80 miles from home. Two others are ex-pat jocks like me. I know of only 1 FTRS bod who lives "at home" - and he is in a quarter with his wife, a serving Regular, he just takes an FTRS post nearest to wherever she is posted!!

    Methinks that somewhere alng the line a confusion has crept in about Home Commitment. If it was actually intended to be only for people who could do the job from home then it was badly thought out - most officer jobs appear to be in or about Salisbury Plain for a start, which would rather limit the numbers who could apply.

    I think it was actually intended to be for "Home" as in "UK based" jobs - hence the difference s between HC - job based in one place ( ie a HQ staff type role), LC - deployable for a few weeks a year - Remf in a UK based, non deploying unit and FC- Full commitment, deployable anywhere any time. ( And on my last FC contract I was in three Op theatres in three years...)

    Given the shortage of deployable people I'd suggest that they actually make all FTRS posts FC - but that appears on the Reg Army numbers whereas HC and LC don't - and saves by not paying the X factor. ( HC get 0 x factor - less than TA pay - on the basis of being non-deployable. In fact the regs say that anyone on FTRS CAN be mobilised, with their unit ( OK, possibility is low....). I think the whole thing is due a bit of a re-think !!

    On the whole pay and allowances thing - Overall there is an interesting difference in attitides between the Army and the RAF. I served with an RAF guy a while back who said that their pay staff attitude was to make sure everyone got absolutely everything they were entitled to. Notified of a deployment, trip away or whatever, the RAF pay staff would brief them on what they could claim. ( Q jokes about 4 star hotels) Our version appears to be the exact opposite, the pay staff seem to take it as a personal duty to stop people from claiming and to apply the rules with the harshest possible interpretation. Or am I jaundiced by getting the run-around again ??
  8. No, your Pay staff have two objectives; to make sure that you receive everything that you are entitled to and to ensure that you receive nothing that that you are not entitled to. As a jock unit looking after many FTRS of all types there are lots of jobs on the sunny side of Hadrians Wall. The chap living in his wife's MQ is just a "husband of" and living off her entitlements.

    PM me with your exact details and I will tell you what you are entitled to.