FTRS Afghanistan

I am going to be joining in the next month or so, i am wanting to go out on a FTRS to Afghanistan once fully trained, is this realistic? also i will either be joining as a signaler or storeman which of these jobs would be more desireable to the army for going FTRS?

Anything else i need to be aware of with regards to this you think i need to be aware of please feel free to enlighten me.



Get your name down for tour. It's pretty much FTRS, given that you are serving a period of what is basically full-time service1


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Thats what I was thinking. On a tour you are a reservist working fulltime. If you want to do a tour tho, thats generally not termed FTRS. Unless you actually wanted to do FTRS, which is time spent with a reg unit. Who may then do a tour. Or maybe not for awhile.

At least thats how I understand it :?

Do you want to join the TA and do a tour with a reg unit?

Or do you want to join the TA then get into a reg unit via FTRS?

If you want to be part of a reg unit long term and not just for a tour, why not go reg?

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