FTRS advice sought

I am RAMC.

Towards the end of my mobilised service I started looking at the FTRS vacancies and shortly before I demobbed saw an "open vacancies" for RAMC SNCO's, which I applied for.

About three weeks later, whilst I was on leave I got a letter stating I was being put forward for a vacancy with 16CSMR, which was good. Nothing happened, a week turned into ten days, after which I phoned FTRS desk who put me in contact with MCM Div.

There was no 16 CSMR vacancy, never had been! So they said they would sort something out. A month later I had heard nothing (I had phoned them but no one ever seemed to be able to answer my questions) and then finally a message was left saying 84MSS a logistics unit might have a slot for a Pharmacy Tech, which I am not. However I was put forward for the vacancy in this not very exciting job (which would possibly be my last choice of any employment in the army) and after more weeks waiting called forward by the unit.

I went up and spent some time with the Sqdn who wanted me to start ASAP and send me to Afghanistan in January. I contacted MCM Div as dd the unit, since then I have heard NOTHING, not a word.

Emails are ignored, phone calls fruitless.

All pretty much the way of things in the RAMC/AMS.

So what do I do? sack it and withdraw the application entering another for any E2 post that comes up? or wait until MCM div finally wakes up by which time my savings will have all gone, my wife pi**ed off so much she makes me get the next civvi job going.

I am really hacked off over this, you put everything into the TA and get next to nothing out. Other capbadges/corps/regiments realy look after their guys but the RAMC really is sh*te in this respect.

Ideas, advice?

My Advice is Cut and run its not worth it, yes you will carry on but your treated worse than the TA and thats bad, so my advice from some one who has been their don't do it

Given your persistent whinging across more than one forum here, my advice is hand in your kit, join the RBL and tell everyone what it was like when you were a lad...

msr said:

Given your persistent whinging across more than one forum here, my advice is hand in your kit, join the RBL and tell everyone what it was like when you were a lad...

that's a rather cutting comment ,big yin.I take it you never had any problems like your man-cardinal then?.
was a tow the party line, pretend everything is brilliant and give big thumbs up forum!

Fact is despite the brilliant aspects of the regular army and TA there is a lot wrong and people like you just make it worse.

One minute the army is begging for volunteers and gets them, next its playing cant make its mind up.

I have made two specific complaints/questions about the TA/Regular Army. One asking why they do not recognise higher education qualifications of OR's the other (complaint) that my corps has badlymanaged what should have been a straight forward FTRS application. One question, one complaint, both legitimate, both reasonable.

So whats your personal problem? I take it your a Rupert, so my first complaint/question is more than enough to rub you up the wrong way since it questions the established order of things. That it dont like people questioning the way things are done?

Pathetic and fairly typical.

Its a problem that's been going on for donkeys years. My bn had a dozen lads down for an S Type a few years back but only 5 went because the paperwork let the others down - even though the initial requests went in four months before the attachment was due to start. Plenty of time for manning & records to get their act together. The unit in question thought the TA were letting them down but never found out it wasn't through lack of trying.

I would say make enquiries yourself. If you are a SNCO then you must have contacts in the regs who can help you out (maybe you are Billy No Mates?).

Either way you have to persevere and get on with it - otherwise you will get bitter over something that you might have had some degree of control over in the first place.
I have done so far as I am able. Because I am RAMC but have spent almost all my TA career on attachment to other units my contacts withing the corps are restricted to those I have done courses with, staff on those courses and a few others.

The info I am getting is the same, if the FTRS desk say I am OK to go, the unit want me and I am willing (and able) then the only hurdle is AMS MCM Glasgow. On the RAMC/AMS forum I raised the issue and the response seems to be that is the way AMS management is, not very good.

I have been looking at the E2 (any capbadge) posts and will apply for one of them and then see about changing capbadge.


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