FTRS - accomodation and your family?

I want to FTRS from the TA and then transfer into the regular Army...

Can anyone tell me if there is any hope of getting accomodation for my family?
If you sign up to a FTRS contract you need to be careful if you are thinking of taking your family with you. Only on Full Committment are you entitled to service accommodation - and FC is now normally only granted for those going on Operations.

It is possible to get service accommodation on FTRS Limited Committment if there is surplus in your units location and your CO puts up a strong case, but there may not be enough to go around anyway.

If you do get FTRS FC and consider moving your family with you, consider renting out your property, if you own one, rather than selling it. If you are in rented/council accommodation you have a big decision to make as when you return to your local area you may not be looked on favourably for a council property as you will have voluntarily given one up before.

All this advice can be gained from reading the Terms & Conditions of Service or the DCI published in 2004 which explained FTRS.

Have you not considered joining the Regs straight out instead of FTRS?
fuku said:
Have you not considered joining the Regs straight out instead of FTRS?
Thanks for the advice. I wanted to go FC so see how it goes?

I'd love to join but I'm 33 so i believe to old?

I believe there is a DCI that explains the process of joining the Regs from the TA and/or FTRS. See if you can get hold of it.

If your cap badge are very short of people in your trade it may be worth asking your unit to speak directly to your regular MCM Div for a direction or a Policy decision.

I did and got laughed at! Might be because I had been out of the Regs for ten years mind!!

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