Ftr gen or planty?

Afternoon gents, just after a bit of impartial advice with regards to choice of trade. I'm currently on my ftr gen assessment course in lovely Chatham, but am seriously considering looking at transferring to POM. I know I'm not the only one either so us lads are looking for some of the pros and cons of both trades and your personal opinions before we jump in and let the DS know of our thoughts.

Any info would be much appreciated, cheers. :safe:

Not a POM but was a Plant operator with the Pioneers trained through the RE and spent a lot of time working with RE.

Canada - Plus points for me. -20 degrees centigrade outside and me with my flask of tea and two heaters going sat in my t-shirt.

Salisbury - A company of Welsh Guards digging trenches with shovels, me assisting each trench, then moving onto the next etc etc. Fresh Brew waiting at each trench.

Dunblane - Digging footings for the Adventure playground, whilst the lads are all handballing the wood etc off the truck.

Plant Op is just an excellent trade, expect to get fat though.
Pros and Cons.. in my own view.

Fitter Gen.

Attached to a Troop, shoved in the G1098 store to mind the powertools and gennies

Possibly Becomes a 'Frog Op' (or it's replacement) and plays with big diggery tanks..

Attached to a Workshop (RE or REME) to either do much of the same as above for an RE workshop, or Spannering for a living in a REME workshop

After Class 1 .. More of the same, playing with G1098 stores, etc


Not much. If good can go on to do Clerk of Works.

Promotion in the trade.. Ok to Fullscrew I guess.

Always wished they'd become a POM usually about the time theyre doing an engine change in the field, it's snowing and the POM has gone off to do another job in another bit of plant, with the heater on...

My own plusses for being a fitter?

None. It was crap. :wink: Apart from the black market in fixing people's cars.. Never without Beer or Fags.

Plant Op
Put in a Plant Troop / Section

Does trade now and again when the Squadron has Plant for tasks, never gets to play like the old style Planties used to. ALC hold the kit so keeping your hand in gets harder.

May end up as a Frog Op (or it's replacement)


Warm cab comfy seat.

May go on to be an MPF

Promotion I guess good up to fullscrew.

Always wished they'd become a Fitter.. usually at the time when theyve broken down in the middle of nowhere, no scoff to hand and no comms back to camp

Just my own views having been a Fitter (way back when Gundulph was a Nipper, Centurion was a Rank not a Tank, etc, etc) Havent seen much different with the newer breed.
If you want to fix things then its got to be Ftr Gen, if you want to drive things then its got to be POM.

Both are good trades to have when you leave and both have their downsides. But one things for certain a POM will say his trade is best and a Ftr will say his trade is being a Fitter I know that fixing the vehicles that the POMs break is by far the best trade!!!! :D
Cheers for the replies guys, much appreciated.

With regards to the outside world which job would be better for the pennies and availability/ease of getting a job?

Also, is MPF easier to get on than Clerk of Works?

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