FTP Clients/Servers - any recommendations?


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Looking for a free FTP server (Windows OS)....had a quick look at FileZilla, can anyone recommend, or is there something better available? Will be used mostly for short video files. Cheers!
I used FileZilla when I needed and FTP server to share a large data set with a company I was working with in the US. I'm no expert (a bit of a by the numbers mong in truth) but managed to set it up within an hour or so. Once it's up it is quite scary to view the hackers swarm around you like flies on shit! Make sure you have EVERYTHING locked down, with complex passwords, encryption for transmitted data and drives/permissions locked right down.

Edited to add- as they say above you have a Windows supplied FTP server. I tried it but it wasn't such a nice interface. I think the Mac supplied FTP server is easier to deal with from (fragile) memory!
FileZilla is a good client. Beats he windows supplied client hands down, especially the site manager... Useful for when ou upload to multiple websites and devices
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