FTAO 8CS Coy, Colchester


I've been made aware there is a certain SNCO in 8CS Coy who likes to lord it up with tales of how he was part of 7 Air Assault Battalions Field Gun Crew in 2005 - The year that 7Bn won the competition.

He's even had it mentioned on his CR.

This certain SNCO was nowhere near the track when we won. He was an unused spare number for half the training, and didn't bother turning up after about 2 weeks, having pulled his wifestring. On the day that 7Bn won the competition, this SNCO was about 150 miles away.

The week after, they cheeky cunt even had the brass neck to jump in on the press photo session back at Wattisham with the trophy.

Can a member of 8CS please smack this walting fucker round the head and tell him to stop telling porkie pies. I'm no longer in his locstat. And I WAS on the winning crew. He wasn't.
I believe the SNCO has only recently been posted to 8 CS Coy but served at Wattisham with you for some time. So why didn't you make your thoughts known to him instead of waiting until he came to 8 CS and letting us do your dirty work. I imagine you're propably sat at DLO now eating some pies and the last bit of phys you did was the gun run - if you weren't used as the plank that is. Get off your arse and live the dream crap hat.

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