ft/lbs at the muzzle

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by happybonzo, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. I've seen quite a few reported muzzle speeds of 2, 500 ft/sec, 3300ft/sec etc
    I noticed on a .25 FAC air rifle that I'm looking at that it was quoted as being 37ft/lbs and wondered what .22 sub sonic would trundle out of the barrel at.

    I only want the gun for pest control and air is free so it won't cost much to feed and Mrs Bonzo enjoys the exersize :)
  2. For an air rifle to be held without a FAC it has to be below 12 ft/lbs. See here

    Air gun laws - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I have a BSA supersport that I use on Woodpigeons, tree rats and rats. So long as you have the right pellets you are sorted out to around 25-30 yds with it.
  3. You're confusing muzzle velocity (MV), often expressed in ft/s or feet per second and the muzzle's kinetic energy (Ek), which is often expressed in ft-lbs (foot-pounds).

    MV = how fast it fucks off
    Ek = how hard it fucks up the target

    Back to the OP, what's your likely maximum range and what's your target vermin? Pigeon, rats, rabbit? I assume you won't be taking fox with an FAC air rifle?
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have an older Webley Patriot, advertised ft poundage of 36, yes it is section 1. I have no idea what the MV is as i imagine it would vary with pellet weights.
  5. I like to use Remington hollow point subsonic in my moderated .22lr "Krico" Kriegskorte rifle. The a 38 gr round delivers 93 ft lbs at the muzzle at 1050 feet per second.

    At 50 meters it delivers almost the same energy as a standard .22lr, the sonic drag not being a problem.

    What I find really nice though is I can use Remington's light weight high velocity Yellow Jacket rounds at distances up to 100 meters without re-zeroing the rifle. (Foxes take note)
  6. I've had clean kills at about 40 metre with my 12lb/ft brocock hunter on rabbits.

    Would be very very nice to have a high power air rifle though!
  7. Many thanks, this is what I needed to know. So if I think in terms of roughly 50 to 60% less I won't be going far wrong.
  8. Glad to be of help, but my advice would be to forget air guns and get a small bore rifle. For pest control i can use sub sonic, .22 lr shot (magic and safe when rats are milling about at close quarters), .22 short and 6mm Flobert (bulleted cap a fiddle to load but good for indoor rats) all through the same rifle. A small bore won't Diesel, is quicker to reload and it won't fade with heavy use. Every shot is consistent and very predictable. By the time it develops a leak, we'll all be dead.
  9. I have sub 12ft/lb air rifle, .22 lr semi auto and, a .17HMR. They all have different uses for different ranges and situations. The air rifle is great for closer work and for knocking stuff out of trees and off the roof, the .22lr is a good general tool for ground work and will reach out to about 75 yrds (in my hands, will go farther in good hands). The .17HMR is a long range tool and can be a bit more twitchy in the wind than the .22lr, but it does some grusome things to a rabbits napper, can take out a fox at 100yrds.

    You have to think about what your going to use it for and get the right tool for the job. Everyone that I know that shoots entered and learned with sub 12 ft/lb air rifle. A pre-cahrge pneumatic is a good way to go if you can afford it or the bottom end is a springer, get the best that you can, and get good optics. You can get some good scopes for not a lot off e-bay. Don't put something like Hubble on an air rifle though.
  10. Im running a Theoben Rapid Seven, delivers 28ftlb and is virtually silent and I get about 30 shots per charge, if I dial the power down significantly more.
    Bunnies are dispatched out to about 100 meters! and it groups beautifully, it was a little expensive but IMHO its perfect.
    I bought it direct from the factory shop and as a bonous got a tour of the workshops and factory, they are nice people I would definately recomend one if you can afford it.

  11. Slightly jealous....just slightly though, honest :(
  12. me too!!!!!