Ft Lauderdale Airport Mass Shooting 6 Jan 17

Five dead so far


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Florida...its even money on cleetus upset at a lost gator in luggage/gangs/accidental discharge from an uzi.
Well the shooter is in custody, himself having taken a few Police rounds apparently. The truth will out pretty quickly I should think.
Yep, done that.

Which rule did I transgress?
Here's your OP:

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I really hope it's a disgruntled baggage handler or similar disagreement and the victims were part of the disagreement rather than a random shooting. Not that any shooting is good, of course.
Local Sheriff's office is reporting that there might be a second shooter (although there was an earlier suggestion that reported shots were a false alarm):

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Not unless many of them are called Esteban Santiago, which is the shooter's name...
My name is Esteban Santiago... you killed my father.... prepare to die!


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