FT - "Is the Royal Navy really necessary?"

Don't let whitecity see this. He will probably complain about it not having been an 'operational deployment'.


I thought this paragraph was quite well done...

Another tradition is for giving its ships splendidly self-confident names: Dauntless, Invincible, Illustrious, Vindictive. And above all, HMS Victory, which lives on as a tourist attraction hard by Kent’s berth in Portsmouth. But one sensed, walking along the quayside, that the current fleet more accurately comprises HMS Cautious, HMS Nervy and HMS Funds Permitting

You may be getting your two aircraft carriers but what will be going to fund them? and what will you put on them?
Oh christ WokkaWarrior, now you've done it....
As long as Britain remains an island (or a collection of islands) we will need a Royal Navy.
This almost never ending discussion on defence spending and cuts reminds me of the following quote "endless supplies of money form the sinews of war". The original quote was in Latin, 2000 years later not much has changed.


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As the insurers have funded the piracy through their ransom payments they may as well foot the bill for prevention.

I would like to see all payment of ransom made illegal in UK law, with draconian financial penalties for transgression.
Not wanting to divert the thread, but...

Only possible if there is (a) a significant increase in the military presence in the area to stop ships being hijacked in the first place along with a lightening of the RoE and/or (b) a second legal change to explicitely allow the use of private armed guards on board merchant vessels.

Given that neither of these are going to happen, the making of ransom payments illegal is the worst possible solution, as demonstrated by the ridiculous American EO that came out recently.

Of course, the rules will change if/when a positive financial link is proven between pirates and terrorists.


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I disagree. If British ships are not allowed to pay ransoms, the pirates will pick on somebody else. Other countries will follow suit of this works. Pirates are after money, not glory.
The pirates don't go on Flag states, they are opportunistic and will continue to attack any ship that they believe that can seize control of.

What you'd end up with is British assets or British responsibilities sitting in Somalia until either the Second Coming or the pirates get bored (unlikely in itself as the pirates believe that all westerners have millions, cf the Chandlers) and either kill them or sell them to a regional terrorist group. It is EXTREMELY unlikely, under any circumstance, that they would just let hostages go.

p.s. the cost of War policy insurance for vessels (piracy comes under this) has not actually increased very much at all, despite the slew of attacks and despite the press coverage, although a number of shipping companies have increased their insurance costs by taking K&R cover as well. The chances of being seized are still less than one percent which has helped to keep costs low. This would change if (a) ransoms were made illegal or (b) there was a total loss claim, for any of the reasons that such a claim can be made.
the rn is necesary becuase:

a - they do 6 month deployments
b - they can work after 1630 and at weekends
c - they are a good bunch of lads
d - they hate crabs
e - we are an iland nation and who wil look after the seas the crabs? lol
f - i would rather have them by my side in a firefight in ghaners than the raf

so big up to the rn :thumright:


A Private Navy, eh? I'll volunteer for that! Where do I sign up? I can't find "privateer" on the JLT website...

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