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Looking a couple of years down the line, my regiment (MBT) is due to re-roll to Light Cav, on Jackal. Planning ahead, I've been asked to consider courses to go on next year, in order to increase the level of dismount experience in the regiment - a sensible course of action.

Two courses have been suggested; PCD and FSG Team Commander. The thought of going to PCD makes me a little bit sick in my mouth, and I have no desire to go crawling up streams in Brecon. I've spent enough time there (little, but enough) to leave that well alone.

So, that leaves the FSG course, which also appeals on a level above you've-been-told-to-go-on-this-course-so-crack-on. Can anybody advise what it's like, how you found it, or anything else of relevance? In terms of my level, I'll be knocking on Capt around that time.

Thanks in advance for any information!
Have you checked the DIN? Do you have to do PCD first for example?
That's the kind of quick (lazy) information that would be welcome. I'll search out the DIN over the next few days, but any important information like that from those in the know would be ideal.
Hmm lazy, but you don't want to do PCD? Pot, kettle, send colour over!!! Anyhow, log on to Armynet check out the DINs over the weekend.

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