FSC vs HVM - Whats more Fun ?????

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by wellyhead, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. As an ignorant non-CloudPuncher, I would like to know if a comment I made holds water.

    On hearing that a HVM LML Bty is to convert to FSC I claimed it wasn’t a good thing, you see in my mind HVM must be more fun buzzing around the countryside as small independent groups in light vehicles, throwing up the launcher, err look at the skies for a while then rock back to camp at endex, dust it off and hand it in. Whereas FSC involves dragging hulking bits of kit around in a long convoy, laying out copious cables only for someone to drive over them, err look at the skies for a while, then drag it all back clean, maintain etc etc.

    Am I right or seriously misguided ? Is FSC a better job ? Do you have more akin to a gun section due to the larger group ? Is it better to maintain than I suggest ?

    Please no comments about AD being a white elephant etc, I would just like to know from some who has done the role
  2. News to me. Any more info on this? Which Bty in which Regt?
  3. Is it a Bty in 106 Regt??

    I was a cloud Puncher on HVM LML and I hated it and would of rather done FSC!!
  4. As much as I love HVM and AD , i'm so so glad our Regt is reroling to Lt Gun purely for the sake of the lads in the dets.

    AD exercises consisted of the following process

    Drive for miles.
    LML goes up.
    ADAD doesn't work
    Sit on hilltop bored shitless
    LML goes down.
    Drive for miles.

    With Lt Gun at least they have something big and impressive to look at. And its much more of a team sport. Particularly live firing.
  5. 457 Bty, 106 Regt according to a lad on the TA board, I saw yonks ago on FAS they were down to re-role but as they stayed AD I felt it might be a typo. In a way it makes sense as 106 Regt has lost a FSC Bty to become the god of artillery, the ISTAR assets ( :wink: ) but I can't see the total logic in roling a AD unit FSC which is a stones throw away from (soon to be) all the reg HVM assets

    HVM_Boy, have to ask, what role in the bunnies have you been allocated ? One of the great shames in life is after RA Cadets and 12yrs Reg service with the Royal Regiment I never got to do gun drill, my short tenure in a Gun Regt was confimed to the FSCC, the rest in OP's and targetting. Would love to make stuff go bang just the once
  6. Think thats boring ? Try bringing a UAV GCS into action

    Pull up
    Hessians down
    Run the GDT out
    Put the brews on

  7. When our regt re-roled I had to do an intelligence test and a pass a hand-examination. I was found to have a brain and unfortunately lacked the required 'trotters' to be placed on the gun line with the other breech creatures.

    I should really rename myself to FOOBoy, but there is already someone on arrse with that name.
  8. OPs is probably the best job out there, but I guarentee after a while you will hanker for something big and smelly, and I'm not talking about the Lagan :wink:

    Personally I reckon EVERYONE should do a guns course straight from training then be allocated roles and regts, but hey ho
  9. Did just that - trained as Field gunner class 3 at Junior Leaders on 25 Pounders - yes JLRRA kept thm until 1984 I believe - In the finest traditions of the British Army after the six week course and live firing on Sailsbury plain they shipped me out to Germany - you guessed it - to an Air defence regiment - things got worse as it was full of Jocks - Happy days
  10. The battery that is changing from HVM to FSC is my bty 210 bty based in Wolverhampton. We are leaving our current regt, 104 who are going to phoenix and joining 106 regt based in London.
    I, like many of my mates hated Hvm lml, we were originally all promised stormers, we were even gone for a while but that has now gone and we are being told were going to fsc. This seems crazy as we only converted to hvm 2 years ago and we now have to convert again. Most of the guys dont really know much about rapier and are not really that keen about being converted to it. We would much rather be a light gun bty, most of us are trained on the ceremonial light guns so it wouldnt be too difficult to convert us.