Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by lokum, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Anyone out there come across cash payments for AWOL knobbers? As far as I can tell the process is to print off the EPIC form, keep it in your DCCA and fax the form to APC (got that little nugger from them as Bde were as clueless as me).

    Anyone doing things any differently?

    As I haven't had an AFPAA clearance print since, oh.... Julember, I would also be grateful for any phone numbers you guys and gals may have so I can chase them, oracle prints are great if you speak mandarin Chinese!!
  2. Try Michelle Macguiness - AFPAA Clearances. PM me for phone number, would put it up here but I am sure she wouldnt appreciate all the ARSSE readers phoning her in Glasgae! Although maybe she would.....
  3. Be original find your own avatar!
  4. Danny, sent you a PM
  5. Western, hopefully now you can dry your eyes and get some sleep :lol:
  6. There is an Op Bulletin on the JPA site about it.
  7. Don't give a stuff it just shows a lack of originality, SPS are we?
  8. Thanks BBB, I read the bulletin last week. Is there a new one? On JPA HR course at the mo so haven't been to work or near a JPA terminal. When I read the last one it wasn't fully clear so I rang APC and was told by them to fax a manual EPIC!!!!

    At least I have a piece of paper to cover my DCCA until Julember when it gets sorted he he. Not really worried about it too much but would like to be in line with the everyone else.

    Thanks again.
  9. Western relax. I simply saw the avatar and, being new to the site and not knowing where people got them from, copied it. Big deal, no offence was made. It is changed now so what is the big deal.

    I fail to see what difference my cap badge is......
  10. Is it as exciting as mine was? :roll:
  11. I will tell you if I actually remember anything, having been asleep through most of it :D
  12. What I took away from mine; F11...then CTRL F11. Most useful!
  13. Ah, now I get it. I was wondering why F6 and F9 didn't work!!! Too busy remembering that I no longer have a job description but a position profile and will be assigned not posted. Apparently at the end of the course we get to sing the Star Spangled Banner. The words are on JPA somewhere......
  14. I'm not trying to wind you up. Welcome to the site.