Tried to join earlier in year and was medically deferred until what i thought was August this year. Only to find that according to records i am deferred until December this year. I have had to send off a copy of my letter which i have done today. I was wondering if people had any thoughts on time it would take for them to review and get back to me?

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In my experience nothing you are ever told will be the same, even by the same person. Don’t wait for them, you have to be proactive, “it’s a waiting game” is their favourite phrase.
As mullers says you will never get the same answer twice, i havent been deferred, just waiting to start alpha in september here, but even to get to adsc i had to be on the phone constantly to both my recruiter and nrc when they took over and more or less had to organise things myself just to make sure they stayed on top of things.
Just get on the phone everyday and hassle them, eventually they will cave and do what you need to get sorted out
Hope its not too long for you.

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