Frustrated with Pay issue

I hope someone can offer me some advise?

In July 2007 i was wrongly discharged on the JPA system; therefore did not receive any pay untill Oct 2007 when all my arrears were paid to me in full (i think).

Now the issue is during the time i was off the system quarter charges and fuel and light were not being paid(BFG soldier). This meant i incurred a GPD of £1,018. It was arranged and agreed with my unit HR staff that i would pay this monthly, from my pay until the debt was settled.

This commenced no worries until i discovered some months later that i had settled the GPD in full but i was still having the amount deducted from my pay. I brought this to the attention of my HR and contacted JPAC. After months of waiting i rang JPAC one last time and they told me that they would pay me back what they owed in my June 08 pay.

This was completely cocked up leaving me massively short in my June 08 Pay. I once again spoke to my unit HR who examined my pay slip and worked out i was owed £3,058.
The Unit FSA who calculated the arrears duly paid me the amount in EURO's stating that the matter would be passed to the tiger team for them to look into.

Now here is the worrying part. This was in June 08 and since then i have on a monthly basis been to see the then FSA with my payslip to show him that this has not been sorted and therefore i could not settle what i believed i owed. His reply on more than one occasion was "Don't worry about it". Now the months rolled on and then in June/July 09 he was promoted and posted.

Normal jogging continues and i'm perhaps nievely thinking this must have been sorted and the FSA had recouped his money from JPAC or somewhere hence his response on every occasion of not to worry. I here nothing from my HR on this matter and now nearly 2 years have gone by. In January 2010 i get a call from the new FSA (took over Jun/July 2009) telling me i owe him Euro 4000 from the issue his predesessor had dealt with in june 2008. I print all my pay slips covering the period and take them to him asking if he could tell me when and how i have received the arrears his predesessor worked out i was owed so that i could pay my debt back to his account.

He seemed disinterested in my pay issue only stating that i owed him Euro 4000. I d told him that i was unhappy with the situation and requested it was looked into ASAP preferrebly indipendently.

Now this was in February 10 since this date i have again, as with the previuos FSA on a monthly basis spoken to him asking if he had sorted anything out. Only for him to say that it was not his priority or that he would look at it when he gets time and contact me.

It is now July 2010 and i'm no closer to resolving this issue than i was in June 2008. I'm posted this November for my last 6 months in the UK before i leave after just over 22 years.

Please can anybody help me with this issue.

(Sorry for the novel but i felt the story needed to be told)

Best Regards
By the sound of this you need to have a word with your CoC- the FSA should make it one of his/her priorities it needs to be sorted as soon as poss - I wouldn't think the unit you are going to for your last 6 months will have the capacity - it needs to be sorted well before that in any case - you will have enough on your plate trying to sort out the rest of your like without extra things like this to worry over! Feel free to PM me if you want me to have a closer look at this for you.

As Paywog says, pass this up your chain of command, also advise them that if they cannot sort it you will ask your MP to raise the issue and write a letter to Soldier magazine. This should help concentrate the minds of your Coc, and gives them ample time to sort it.

Thank you both so much for your replies. I'll speak to he RAO first thing tomorrow. I think the FSA has had more than enough time to sort this. Really don't want to drop a fellow SNCO in the pooh, but needs must.

Once again thank you.

Best Regards

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