Frustrated Walt-exposer

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Davey2, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. I suspect my neighbour - he claims to have been a copper, a lorry-driver, a coach-driver and an airline pilot (he was captaining the last trans-atlantic flight out of US airspace before it was closed due to 9/11). The driving bit I can swallow - there's a photo of him by a coach - that's about it. All other supporting evidence supposedly lost in a burglary. What's odd is that he hasn't ever claimed any any form of military service. If the police and the professional pilots organisations had boards like this one, I feel I could make some progress. Sorry for a non-military incursion into your territory but I was in the Air Cadets and my dad did his National Service in the Signals in Egypt if that helps...(well he says he did...).Keep up the good work!
  2. My boyfriends dad used to drive buses.
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  3. Telling you all these tall tales... is he hoping for the chance to bum you?

    (that was to the OP, not Jarrod. I assume Jarrod's boyfriend already has sufficient opportunities to bum him).
  4. His dad does a lot of wood turning since he retired.
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  5. Did you really go to all the trouble of setting up an ARRSE account just to post that drivel?
  6. Thats outrageous!!!
  7. IF he lives next door to someone clearly as low-brow and poor as you I doubt he was an airline pilot.
  8. Call me boring, but in my book airline pilot trumps the Military any day of the week.
  9. Do you work for CityJet and like to touch tramps in their special place?
  10. Wow you live an exiting life. Who gives a fuck?
  11. i think you could be right on this one, however my neighbour is an airline pilot, he also drove nimrods for the crabs.
    when he's out on the lash and he tries the "im a pilot" line the local slappers always thell him to p*ss off, when he tries the "im an ex crab officer" they tell him to p*ss off, so he tries the "im a dolphin trainer" line and they all tell him to p*ss off

    what he always seems to forget is that even though he is a well paid/travelled international jet setter with a distinguished military career is the fact that he's a stinking GWAR and even p*ssed slappers know that he will have a small cock and stink of fox p*ss
  12. I know his mother used to be a conductor but ended up also driving buses. It's a sad fact that she had to stop wearing uniform trousers due to the lesbian attention she got.