Fruitbat oral sex shocker

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OllieReeder, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. The latest scientific gem to be reported by The Register...

    Female fruitbat fellatio frenzy: 70% give head

    Worth reading the whole piece (though one would have thought the last week would have given Lewis Page more than enough defence material to write up... then again, how could an RN Diver resist this topic?)

    Highlight for me was:

  2. Twice as long as me then
  3. Rubbish! I've tried it.... but the bat kept splitting! :puker:
  4. You never used enough tape :roll:
  5. I thought wedging said bat between the bars of the radiator would do it.... me having a small nudger and everyfin. :oops: But no! Might give the tape idea a try.
  6. Not with yours it didn't mate!

    More like split its sides fcukin laughing... :rofl:


    Quis Separabit

    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  7. Bats carry rabies you know.
  8. Too slow CW, read post above yours! I'd already pre-slated meself to head off the knob jokes. You're just jealous coz my tank collection is bigger than yours! :twisted:
  9. :x DOH!
  10. You need to try a WomBat then, they are easier to catch too, and they don't kip upside down off your Chandelier.
  11. Thinks: "Does a FruitBat count as one of your five-a-day?"
  12. As oppsed to fellating chav slackcracks from council estates who just carry babies.

    I know which I'd rather have.....
  13. I think the most surprising thing is that this appeared to slow the little fellas down........
  14. So why is Batman such a miserable fucker???
  15. Bats are protected species in the UK. You could be done for Bat rape, which will get you a 'stiffer' sentence than human rape. And your own cell, most likely...

    Once saw Fennec foxes in the nocturnal world enclosure at London Zoo fellate themselves! Now that's an evolutionary dead end, surely?