Fruit picker jailed for Lasing Tornado

Hmmm. Guy must have a very steady hand holding a laser pointer on a moving object at a distance, yet the laser being so coherent at that distance to do anything distracting. That is £4 of value.

I have a 5mW astronomical green laser that I find hard to hold on a telegraph pole an acre's width away. Doesn't seem to effect the telegraph pole's visual acuity either.

If this is true you need to recruit this guy not jail him. Oh wait maybe that is what really happened we are "jailing him", turn up in a bad Robert Ludlum novel in a few years.

Four pound pointer to bring down a fast jet at 1,200 feet? Don't jail him, get him into Air Defence, and get the Q-Bloke down to Lidls with a couple of hundred quid, and lo, a new divisional asset is created to keep the bean counters happy.
I've tried this using a laser pointer to "shoot down" flies. It's really difficult but occasionally you hit one just right and it nosedives into the deck. They get up again a few seconds later.

<sigh> life, get a

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