Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by IvyGrad, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Now that the rant thread has run its course, what say you all about the possibility of polyamoury?


    Would save a lot of tempers from flaring, such as the woman in Australia who burned her hubby's ckoc off:


  2. Someone O2 tag this fcuking looney.

    It's pretty clear every post or thread it burdens us with is going to be weak justification for it being a slut.
  3. O2 tag it Moody? She needs torching not tagging.

    ( unless of course its with 2 married men, then she will be happy to be tagged )

    Ivy, you are a freak and i claim my £10.
  4. I reckon she needs a bloody job - way too much time on her hands!

  5. In my book no bird needs to justify being a slut :twisted:

    Now IG we have been here before......... move this to NAAFI and I can give you what you are begging for. You will love it because I'm married :wink:
  6. RG, i'm still waiting for my bottle of red Thunderbird :)
  7. You are so WRONG.

    You wish you were right. That's the easy way to explain what I'm all about.

    But you are so WRONG.

    In your dreams, dcikhead.

  8. There's an overpowering smell of sperm in here. Ivy, have you coughed?
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I though you had farted.

    What the fcuk is this daft tart on about?
  10. WRONG. I never swallow.


  11. Another reason you were dumped.
  12. Back to the topic.

    polyamoury or polygamy ... bad idea?

    I know the Chinese character for disharmony is a house with two women ...

    But given the chavs' predeliction for having babies with no marriage, the middle to upper classes could benefit by allowing multiple marriage partners thus creating mini communities of large families.

    Maybe the Mormons had a good idea?

    C'mon and stop your petty needling of me and let's talk about this ...

  13. Can you go and play on a level crossing quickly
  14. There's some litter needs picking up on the M25,be a good girl and go and do it.
  15. Not paying attention to you.

    The question is, if a group wants to reproduce to match the reproducton of the lower classes (living off the dole) should not polygamy be legal, as long as the partners are consenting?