FRU and Leveson

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Info Ops, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. Ingram / Hurst still trying to flog his story, having been released from his obligations under Official secrets Act?

    He has been discredited both by a former Brit witness at the Smithwick Tribunal and First Minister McGuinness who, according to some media, seem to be violently agreeing with each other. Believe that the latter has described Ingram-Hurst to the press as delusional.

    I suppose if you believe Ingram-Hurst, McGuinness would do anyway, being a Brit tout himself.

    What kind of journalists are Moloney and Mitchell? What set of professional standards do they subscribe to? and how do these compare with Levison?

    Did they seek the permission of the copyright holder of the photos before publishing them?

    Have they or others placed anyones life at risk in the name of a red-top tabloid quality story

    I think we should be told more
  2. Stick_Knave....quality user name!!! For those of us that need to know, of course!
  3. Neither of them. Why do you ask?

    We all have to make a first post, BTW!
  4. No worries. Possibly not new to you, but I'd have thought it would be new to the majority of members.
  5. What Regiment/Corps were/are you with?
  6. RN, RNR and RMR, 1980s - 2000s.

  7. Jesus. They're all coming out of the woodwork this Christmas, aren't they? The article is mainly bollocks and what isn't total bollocks has been fundamentally misunderstood and misinterpreted. Nothing to see here etc etc
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  8. None of your business.

    But I'm not the one joining ARRSE to post a random article about alleged activities in NI in a very journo like manner...
  9. Can only be one thing with a moniker like that....
  10. Well mine's none of your business but at least I can put my cards on the table.

    Cheers for the welcome, BTW.
  11. Lot of old tripe. I'd be much more interested in who "...the shadowy figures who really rule Whitehall" are, and whether they have a careers website.
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Not open for further replies.