Discussion in 'REME' started by cromach, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Quick question - looking for DS answer.

    What's the difference between an FRT and an IST?


  2. Thanks for the reply - had that bit. I was looking the difference between the two.

  3. AN IST will be deployed from a second line REME unit to a first in order to carry out specific tasks/reduce hours for a set amount of time. An FRT forms the forward line of repair for a BN.
  4. Spaz,

    thanks very much for that. Much appreciated

  5. Expanding a bit on what Spaz said above; here's the official spin:

    Intimate Support Team (IST). An IST is a bespoke ES grouping designed to deliver ES reinforcement to a unit to complete a specific Level 2 ES task. An IST is formed in response to a capability shortfall required to deliver In-Mission, Inter Mission and/or Subsequent Mission ES Effect as identified by the LAD Commander, as part of the ES estimate within the unit level battle planning cycle. IST requests should define the capability or effect required, rather than numbers of tradesman. An IST is task organised for the duration of the ES task, with the associated capabilities returning to their parent organisation once the task has been completed. An IST can be formed from either LADs or REME Bns and used to reinforce any ES unit, not necessarily just LADs. The duration of the task will depend upon the tactical activity of the Mission and the ES effect required.

    Forward Repair Team (FRT). An FRT is a Level 3 ES capability, generally a single armoured or wheeled repair or recovery vehicle, which contributes to the delivery of Inter-Mission Effect and/or Subsequent Mission Effect by repair by replacement of Power Packs (PP) and Engines and Major Assemblies (E&MAs). An FRT is one of the ES building blocks of capability, normally (but not exclusively) from the Forward Platoons of an Armd Coy from a REME CS Bn. Each Forward Platoon can generate a maximum of 7 FRTs, usually in a Warrior 512/3 armoured vehicles or AFV 434.
  6. Don't forget the IST bit when the Bn hasn't got the expertise and they then sub contract out to a first line unit that has, and call it a reverse IST, swerving it used to be known as. Counting the days and looking forward.
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  10. TM, thanks very much for the full story! The original question came from a quote that I'd seen which said something like "... the CS COY can send either its IST or FRT.." leading to the thought that FRTs and ISTs were hanging around waiting for a job :wink:

    Many thanks again to you and Spaz.

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