Frozen UK Pensions

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fingers_1661, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. Have to agree that this little regulation has always confused me. Surely ex-pats are less of a drain on the system (until we have to deploy half the RAF/RN to evacuate them from whatever sunny African state they have settled in).

    Either way. Signed.
  2. If they paid their dues they are entitled to their penions.
    In many cases they have left for sunnier climes simply because they can live better on their pensions. Its a sad reflection on this country that many have done so simply to have a reasonable standard of living,.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly, my Brother moved to the phillipines, not out of some perverse interest in lady boys, but because he can afford to live on his service pension, without resorting to wearing twelve jumpers and sitting in the dark with a clockwork radio.
  4. I can't see how that can apply to someone retired to Spain or Portugal or anywhere else in the EU, is it only for those who have moved outside the EU?
  5. I dare say tit's a similar sort of reasoning to that behind opposing the Gurkha pensioners' right to settle: pensioners living outside the UK are spending their cash outside the UK, causing a net drain.

    I was about to say 'It's a sad day for Britain when money counts for more than personal dignity of the elderly' but then I remembered... Perhaps the Treasury should concentrate their efforts on the multitude of far greater drains from those who've not earned the same right to any consideration?
  6. The parasitic chavi scumbags that have not done a sticth of work but soak up allowances like a sponge in the sun. Makes me think of 'Arbeit Macht Frei' for this type :twisted:
  7. Sixty

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    People who retired to an EU country or the US get the increases as I understand it, but those who moved to Australia, Canada etc don't.

    There was a test case a few years ago where it went to the Lords who ruled that although it was illogical, the increases were too expensive to implement and the Government had no legal duty to do so.