Frozen Planet Outrage

Why oh why is there so much outrage that the polar bear birth sequence in Frozen Planet was filmed in a special enclosure at some European zoo?

It has been another outstanding programme from the BBC Natural History Unit and is now being slagged off for misleading the public because the actual birth sequence was not filmed under the artic ice FFS. The series was not spoilt for me in any way but I am being told by so called experts that I have been cheated in some way...and breathe
Because the public at large think they're important enough for a cameraman (or indeed, Polar bear cub) to be mauled to death because Mummy-Bear gets spooked by having a camera lens shoved in her face; all in the name of TV entertainment for them.
Perhaps the so called experts or the others whinging about it could nip up to the Arctic and crawl into a Pregnant Polar Bears den with their camcorder.
Not like shes the largest land predator in an enviroment were calories are hard to come by. I'm sure she would welcome a delivery of Meat walking in.
If they are real animal lovers they'll take off all those choke hazards (clothes).


The only people I know outraged are the printed press.
Nobody else cares how footage of some pretty awsome shots were obtained.
the Murdoch empire never misses a chance to slag off the BBC.


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Come on chaps, someone somewhere HAS to be outraged about something. Usually about something they would never, in several nondescript and useless lifetimes, have the bottle to do anything meaningful. Frozen Planet has been a must see in the Foodspoiler household, even captivating the attention of a couple of the young x-box generation.
Maybe if the programme had pointed out the dangers and stated where the clip came from the press wouldn't be able to get outraged.
The only people I know outraged are the printed press.
Nobody else cares how footage of some pretty awsome shots were obtained.
EXACTLY! Shooting some 'enclosed subjects' is hardly new. I've shot close ups of Baboon Spiders in an enclosure. These were cut with shots of the buggers running out of their burrows that we had filmed earlier. This I was happy to do because they're aggressive and give you a **** of a bite It was was for a BBC wildlife series too.

If you consider the amazing circumstances and the bravery involved in shooting most of the scenes needed for the series then, frankly the Daily Mail can piss right off.
I don't know why this is "news". Having met Attenborough several times, he has been going around telling people for years that a sequence almost identical to this one - I think in Planet Earth - was actually rigged because it's impossible to film within the den in the wild.

The sound effects are false too, because it's impossible to pick up the snow-sounds with a microphone.

So ******* what?
This seems to have polarised opinion

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