Frozen PC

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by mandown, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. And not in the cold sense.

    Whenever I boot my crappy PC up, its taken to 'freezing' on the windows loading screen, and will go no further.
    Any suggestions will be helpful.
  2. have you tried booting into safe mode ?
  3. ;
    Do you suspect a virus or are you too tight to buy a new one?
  4. Safe mode doesnt work, stilll freezes, I do suspect a virus, given the donkey porn im so fond of, and i am too tight to buy new one.
    Although i did have anti virus software, which was updated every day, and ran checks every other day.
  5. Just my first option, do you have any USB hardware attached? If so make a note of the USB plug positions, unpulg and boot. If it boots ok than plug in one USB at a time checking each attachment is seen by you puter.

  6. do you have a boot disk ?
  7. no usb stuff connected at all, and i dont have a boot disk, which i could probably do with.
  8. Mandown, what is your system please?

  9. hmmmm, windows xp i think? im at work at the mo so i cant check properly.
  10. any spare CD's in work ? make a boot disk then when you get home as comp boots up press del key to get into bios and change settings to boot from CD
  11. I like the cut of your jib, hmm, techy guy is out at the mo but i reckon i can mug him tommorow......
  12. Mandown, have sent you a PM.

  13. Got you,
    To save anyone else getting stuck in, ill post some decent info tommorow after ive had a chance to find the system info and suchlike.
    Thanks to all so far.
  14. If all else fails, I'll do you a copy of my XP disc and I'll send it in the internal mail, PM me your details, cheers THM