Frosty weather - help needed

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by flynavy, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. In this frosty weather our hangar doors are frozen shut, the runners at the bottom have filled with water and frozen solid.

    I am wondering does anyone have a number for one of those backpack squirty bottles that the weedkiller guys use, the ones where you pump them on the side whilst squirting the stuff out.

    My boss wants us to get a couple and fill them with either pigs piss that we use for the runway or clear way anti freeze stuff. Have tried our barrack stores guys and works services so you guys are my last chance before we go local purchase
  2. get some blow torches...much more fun :)
  3. Called knapsacks, used to apply pesticides/weedkillers- ring an agricultural merchant/suppliers
  4. Improvise,adapt and overcome !!!! :D
  5. Speak to MT - they should have them for de-icing the bigger vehicles. Failing that, they would be the easiest way to get hold of the Clearway you need anyway - and it is Clearway or nothing - no urea any more.
  6. Its okay got a number from another site - for reference here it is if anyone else needs it 3740-99-1371662

    But thanks for all your replies and witty help
  7. 8O Try the heating :p
  8. Get cheffy to lend you a number one burner...