Frost Mora?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Marine96, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. FROSTS MORA KNIVES I'm looking at the carbon steel blade, what do you reckon? Never heard a bad review about one of these, also anyone else bought from this site?

  2. Go with the stainless unless you are in a very dry environment, or if blade staining isn't going to bother you.
  3. Cheers fellas :)
  4. The scabbard is hopeless. Anyone found a way to stop the blade falling out?
  5. The cheap Mora knives are excellent straight out of the box, stroking them on a leather strop takes the burrs and edges off making them even better.

    They are used by most of the bushcraft/outdoor schools as training knives because they are cheap and good. There is also a woodcarving school that issues students with the Frost. Added to which, on a military level, I also believe that they are squaddie issue in the Swedish military.

    Stainless or carbon? Depends what you want it for! All the bushcrafty, Ray Mears wannabees use carbon steel blades because they produce better sparks when using a fire steel. If you are in a pinch and have some charcloth you can even strike a spark off the back of a carbon steel blade with a flint...........fecks up the blade whilst you are learning, but its nice to know you can do it. And, blades can be had for a couple of quid to a tenner.

    If you have decided to go the Frost route you should invest in a nice sheath, there are plenty on ebay specifically for the Frost's knives. Someone did also make and sell a nylon webbing widget to drop the plastic sheath into with a velcroed securing strap around the handle then it fits noicely, noicely, onto webbing.


    Finally, the best endorsement of a knife is who uses it and what they use it for. There is a chap in Canada called Mors Kochanski (google him) he was the original survive and thrive bushcraft instructor, just very low profile. All of them that you see on TV or writing books have been to Mors. As his knife Mors carries a Frost Mora
    looped around his neck on a quick release knot. He can drop a 3" to 4" thick tree using only a Frost Mora and a few deft moves, impressive for an old fecker:


    Pic lifted off the net, if the unknown copyright holder is offended just ask me to remove it.
  6. yes the traditional swedish way of making a blade is as a sandwich where 2 medium/low carbon "cheeks" are hammer welded onto a middle
    high carbon steel core which when sharpened holds a razor edge , whilest the 2 softer steel forms a softer skin so the blade does not snap
    at the high hardness acheived by the middle.... I am sure Frost still make their carbon steel blades in this way, but not by hand obviously.
  7. I have used the Clipper a great knife for the money. Holds a good edge but yes the sheath is a bit naff.

    I currently use a Fallkniven F1 but at ten time the price is it ten times the knife?

    My next will be a hand finished Enzo - when I get round to making it!

  8. ####Whats wrong with an issued clasp knife?:hungry:

    ******* Knife Walts!!!!!:muhaha:
  9. never had a frost mora then.
  10. My dear boy.... like pornography, the swedes do knives far better than us brits.. Im not saying you cant be happy with your brit army clasp knife, or with the standard issue essex milf... but please realize that others seek finer and greener pastures.
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  11. Hand finished Mick Spain meself, for sunday best............but I generally end up using the cheap as chips Frosts.

  12. To be honest....I think all those knives are a bit Girly.........I prefer a good old Machete or Golok.......Proper Knife!
  13. I want to see you peel taties & skin a rabbit with either of them.:)