Frontline troops may cover for fire strikers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tabs, Jul 5, 2004.

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  2. There's something to look forward to, then. Perhaps the Trumptonites might like to volunteer to subsequently replace some of the "Feet", a sort of "Quid-pro-quo" arrangement? On second thoughts, probably not! :?
  3. Or perhaps...if they don't like the pay they receive...hows about fcuking leaving the job instead of striking and expecting others to do it for you.

    How much money do you want for getting cats down trees?!
  4. Well said MB, as if we are not over streached as it is at the moment
  5. One of the reasons that Trumpton is so quick to strike is that they know the government will use the military to provide cover.

    How about the politicians actually being honest, and admitting that their consistent failure to properly fund defence has resulted in undermanning and overstretch, so the military will not be deployed to provide firefighting cover; Trumpton may think more carefully. They lost a massive amount of public support last time - with no cover - or an alternative provided by say, local councils, it would evaporate completely.
  6. The French have the right idea. All emergency workers are liable for mobilisation as part of their contract. Pierre Le Trumpton goes on strike and the French Govt mobilise the lot of them. They find themselves doing the same job only on military pay (conscript pay at that) 200 miles from their usual station and under military terms and conditions. Result Pierre etc have very little appetite for striking.
  7. The only good thing to come of another strike will be the complete breaking of the FBU. This government (tossers that they are) will not stand for more industrial action. The new fire and rescue service bill has certain clauses in it that allow them to take over the fire service and run it (or chunks of it) centrally.

    If they strike again the bill will become law very quickly!! :twisted:
  8. 'The only good thing to come of another strike will be the complete breaking of the FBU. This government (tossers that they are) will not stand for more industrial action. The new fire and rescue service bill has certain clauses in it that allow them to take over the fire service and run it (or chunks of it) centrally.

    If they strike again the bill will become law very quickly!! '

    Right up to the point where 'Uncle Tony' signs the European Constitution and gives everyone, including the police and the Armed Forces the right to strike. Doh!!! Well maybe that is the only way that w4nker wont sign it!!!

    Funny thing is I know of about 15 London Fire Brigade lads who are currantly in Iraq or who have just been called up for Iraq. Big circle, what goes around comes around. So, dont give them Warrior, give em a 432 or, er, a Humber Pig and tell them to crack on.

    Also, alot of lads have left the FBU. Hmmmm, wonder why? Mostly the leavers are ex-forces. Funny that.

    Any volenteer's to of Op Fresco instead of TELIC?????
  9. God some of you make me laugh.Nearly 40 % of the Fire Service is now ex-services.They fought in the Falklands,First Gulf War,Bosnia,Kosova,toured Norther Ireland just like some of you.Let us hope when you hit civvy street you won't get slagged of by people in the services.
    As some of you might actually know the Government signed a deal called the Heads of Agreement in June 2003.They agreed to pay the 4% that was due for a year right away followed by 7%in November 2003 and 4.2% in July 2004 which would put a firefighter who is fully qualified after 5 years service on £25,000.That is what they promised and that is what they signed.They decided at the last minute in November to only pay us 3.5% instead of the 7% promised.Eight months later we still await the 3.5% from November and they have told us the 4.2% due now will not be paid until the new year.They are attacking every condition of service we have and have broken the agreement that was signed.
    Now think back to the strike.We got on very well with the service lads who were on fire duty.They visited our stations to use the gym and we had no problems.We had mobile phones and on every occassion a life was at risk,be it a road traffic accident,fire etc we were out the doors and on many occassions overtook the Green Godesses en route.Your guys were extremely pleased to see us because believe it or not they did not have much training and did not want to be there.
    We do have the right to strike unlike the military and the police and I can assure you that this decision will not be taken lightly but once again Tony Blair and Co. have lied and we are boxed in to a corner.
    The military will be the best thing since sliced bread again if we do strike but you and I both know Tony Blair is screwing you lot as much as anybody else.But be warned -this time will be different.Many Fire Crews will not be on picket lines this time.No mobile phones,no free fire service.They will go home on strike days and I am afraid you will be on your own this time.The time for public opinion is gone my friends.We want what was agreed.We are now thinking of ourselves and our families.
    Somebody asked why don't I **** of and get another job.I could my man as I am an electrician and earn far more money, but I love being a firefighter.Have done for 22 years.Not only fires RTA'S but all the rest we do-community training,fire safety inspections,special rescues,school visits,and it goes on.All I want is what was promised.After 22 years service my take home salary is £1189 per month nearly £250 a month less than my wife who is a nurse.
    As for many have left the FBU and they are all service personnel-WHAT A LOAD OF SHITE.Don't know who has been feeding you your information but I will give you the true figures.We had 54,000 members before the last dispute.Many of our members(15,000 are retained.They are like your TA.
    We have 51,480 now who are about to be balloted.We have 13,500 retained members so as you can see out of the 2500 who left nearly 1500 are retained.That leaves 1000 approx. full time that have left and I can tell you of the 25 in my brigade who left you are lucky if 3 are ex-services.

    By all means now slag us off but at least publish facts and not shite.
  10. OK - here's a slagging off.

    The first time that somebody dies as a result of the FBU being on strike, your 'leader' should be prosecuted for manslaughter.

    I agree, you should be paid well for what you do - god know's it wouldn't suit me as a career choice. But, you chose to do the job - so do it! Don't put innocent peoples lives at risk. If you're an ex-squaddie, you've spent your life protecting people so don't blow it all now.
  11. Big Boy,

    this site has had a few changes in it times, but I think the old threads are still lerking around in it's arcives. If you do a search on the threads that were posted during the strike you will find that I am a serving Fire fighter in London, and unfortunatly all that I have said is true. I personnaly know them. The reasons why they left are numerous, some didnt like the politics of the union, some thought we were sold out by the Executive Council, some thought we should not have gone on strike in the first place.

    For my part, I am still in the union, because I feel if used correctly it can and does to alot for the members.

    I joined the Army at 16 and served my country in various theaters, and now I have left, I still serve my country and my comunity by being a fire fighter (Sub Officer) and am proud of it.

    If you look at my post the first part is a quote from someone earlier on. I then go on to be argumentative by saying that we will then get the right to strike back shortly if they do take it from us.

    The part about the LFB lads in Iraq is true, I was almost one of them but a slight injury meant that I was not called up....this time.

    Just a sugestion, alot of the guys on here are squaddies or ex-squaddies and like to have a pop. Dont rise to it mate. They believe what they believe and nothing will change it until one day when they are in a house that is on fire and we turn up to save them and thier families. All during the last strike we tried, myself and a few others that were ex services or had family in the services.

    What the Govt is doing is despicable, but lets face it mate, we were screwed and sold out by the EC so the Govt now sees us as spent and will do to us as they are doing to the MoD, screwing them royaly!
  12. May? You mean there's another body of people who will do it?

    Are the Americans coming over then?
  13. If the FBU think that the employers have broken a binding agreement, they should take them to court. Striking does no-one any good.
  14. Yes, alot of people here are squaddies or ex squaddies who do like a bit of bantor, but i believe this thread is not about winding up the fire service. This is a very serious issue that needs to be sorted. I agree (like most probably) that the fire service does a very good job for a small wage, I dont agree they should be allowed to strike it is irresponsible and dangerous and costs lives, they are an EMERGENCY service paid to save lives and should not mess about with that responsibility. When the Fire Fighters strike the Military has to take over we get 2 weeks training for a job firefighters train months for, we are then taken away from essential duties to do another dangerous job with equipment that is outdated because we are not allowed to use the Fire engines or equipment the fighters use.

    Yes they do a dangerous job yes they get a low wage

    NEWS FLASH we do a dangerous job for an ever lower wage you dont see us striking do you? Or maybe we should then we could give you hose pipe jockeys 2 weeks combat training and send you to Iraq!!!!

    :evil: :evil:
  15. msr

    msr LE,,176-1167716,00.html[/quote]

    Surely the solution here is to do to the FireFighters what Ronald Reagan did to the Ar Traffic Controllers in the early 1980s - Sack the lot. Only this time, they can be replaced by the soldiers from the latest roundof defence cuts.