Frontline troops are refused kit to fight Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo2nothing, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. Telegraph

    I did wonder how long it would take to get to Bliar to put his money where is mouth is.

    Was anything less expected?
  2. Thank-you Tony for your unstinting support of our servicemen... I trust any serviceman worth his pay will be giving a similar level of support to your incorruptible political party and brave political colleagues at the next election.

    Sir, I salute your courage and indefatiguability, even when facing inevitable military and electoral defeat, and l wish you a life in retirement lived in as much luxury as our men in uniform.

  3. Better equipped, better paid....................take this to your cabinet Bliar, this is called being looked after!!

    How long before the fuel issue hits the headlines? It is a huge issue right now as well as manpower shortages in the right jobs.
  4. Quelle F-ucking surprise.

    And Generals were criticised for saying 'I'll believe it when I see it.'

    Bliar, by this stage in your 'leadership' you should be too embarrassed to address the men and women who are fighting your wars. You're not worthy of them.
  5. I don't think it's Blair that is denying them the material.

    Instead, i have deep suspicsions that it is his sinister neighbour, one G.Brown, who is keeping a tight control of the purse strings in a deliberate attmept to discredit Blair in his final months as PM, so that Gordon can look like the all conquering hero when he opens the purse strngs (until the media look the other way :frustrated: )
  6. Responsibility for the mess is very simple. It does not matter if it is Brown, Lord "I'll get the wrong thing" or whoever. The Prime Minister committed the troops. The Prime Minister said he would equip them with their wants. The Prime Minister is the man who has not come up to his word. Again. Remember this when the time comes. Anyone who stands for his political line of bullsh*t is contaminated as they have done nothing to correct his ways of doing things. Any and all deaths lie at his door. He is a greater risk to our soldiers than the most determined Taliban or AQ terrorist. We know what they will do. All we know of this cnut is that he will not do what he says he will.
  7. I'm not a great one for conspiracy theory - so why do I believe you? The sad thing is that all of this can be solved with money - and in the big picture of running a country, not too much at that!

    This lot in power really are the pits!
  8. I would tend to go along with this contention.

    Brown is a very shrewd operator and possessed of an extremely strong character. The measure by which he is able to impose his will is evidenced not only by virtue of his office as Chancellor and custodian of the public purse, it was manifested some 18 months ago when he summoned each of the Service Chiefs to No 11 and told each of them precisely how much each was to shave from the Defence budget!

    Brown has the ability and the will to inflict a great deal of political damage on a Prime Minister as his arch-rival. He knows that our (now) Defence Force is held in high regard by the general public. If he can starve the Defence Force of cash it is the Prime Minister who takes political responsibility for culpable neglect and suffers the political consequences by further alienating (to an even greater extent than already exists) the Prime Minister from the public.

    If funds are suddenly made available on Brown's assumption of power, then it would indicate very strongly the Machiavellian character of the man who stood by and did nothing at all to curb the worst excesses of the worst Prime Minister this country has yet had to endure.
  9. Acts of BETRAYAL like this must lead to public accountability
    This self serving, double standard, free loading, back stabbing, dishonest and honour less b.astard must be brought to account
    A promise is a promise but not to Tony.... no, no, no, no, no
    Not exactly surprising seeing as they announce and then subsequently re announce additional spending over and over to look all "see, we are doing as we said".
    It is time for Mr (not President, but MR) Blair to removed!
    Rant Over..... fcuking hell I'm angry!!!
  10. Why are people so surprised by this, B liar & his cronies have lied time & time again.

    What gets me is he was believed in the first place with comments on BFBS in October.

    In B liars minds eye its obviously cheaper to pay a minimal compensation to a next of kin than protect those that need it in the first place.
  11. This is not a uprise. It is well known and not limited to Afghanistan, or MPVs. The amazing thing is that the boys (and girls) still mangage to maintain such high standards given their almost unbeliavable lack of support.
    Let us not forget that Accomodation etc is still in really bad order and no-one has yet been made to account for any of this.

    As for Gordon orf India - he is simply another slimeball wait6ing in the wings to fleeece the UK and promote himself - Tosser!!
  12. In reality it is very easy for Bliar and Brown to deny our troops this money. The government took us into these unpopular conflicts and if they were to increase the defence budget to a level which it should have been at for years the Tories would start harping on about "labour spending x amount more on defense but what about our NHS/Schools" and be used to fuel the anger against the fact we are in Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place. All poilitcians are as bad as each other IMO though I would loved to be proven wrong in this matter.
  13. I also agree, I do believe Brown is doing his uptmost to destroy what ever fetid 'legacy' Bliar can claim, if it wasn't costing our lads on the ground I could applaud him for it. I do believe that as PM he will instigate a major withdrawal from Iraq (and op Persian Freedom) and redirect some of those forces to Afghanistan simply to p!ss on tony and reestablish UN mandated conflicts as the only ones in which the UK will participate in future.
  14. Its Gordon of Khartoum, I know because I'm old enough to have been with him. And he was a tosser as well.