Frontline Medicine

Airs Sunday on BBC2 2100
A new two-part programme is being aired this Sunday called Frontline Medicine, highlighting the work of the medics in Afghanistan.

Presented by award winning journalist and former doctor Michael Mosley, the programme looks at how war accelerates medical research, how the current conflict in Afghanistan is contributing to the future of medicine, and how these developments enhance civilian medical care.

The programme mainly highlights British achievements in episode one (Survival), and US achievements in episode two (Rebuilding Lives), though both the UK and US are covered in each. In episode one the team was given extensive access to both staff and patients in the Role 3 Hospital.

BBC Two - Frontline Medicine
Looks a good programme judging by the clips.Have seen several docs with Michael Mosley on human body and history of surgery and been very interesting and he is a good presenter too.

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