Frontline Battle Machines - Mon 25 Oct, 10pm on Discovery

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by s_connerArmyPR, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. Frontline Battle Machines With Mike Brewer is a new 8-part series from Discovery Channel starting on Monday 25 October at 10pm.

    Driven by a passion for new technology and gadgetry, Mike Brewer explores and experiences the British Forces' latest kit and equipment, by joining soldiers on the front line in Afghanistan.

    Working and living with the British Army in Afghanistan, Mike and team reveal the incredible bravery of the British and American troops and the technology they rely on to keep them alive. In their fight against the Taliban, any situation can quickly become life-threatening, and the training and technology is essential to their survival.

    Each show features three to four key items of equipment, including armoured troop carriers, fighter planes, helicopters, light tanks, machine guns and guided missiles. Mike tests each machine or weapon on various stages of his incredible journey from Camp Bastion to the front line.

    More information at these links:

    TV Programmes - British Army Website

    Frontline Battle Machines at

    Episode 1, Mon 25 October, 10pm on Discovery Channel. Set your planner now!
  2. Pretty gash so far. Looked at the Tristar and 50cal...hardly state of the art technology and gadgetry!
  3. MERT bit seemed to be an eye opener for the presenter - nice cameraman to keep filming despite requests to stop
  4. As this series has only started it's too early to really judge, however I doubt it'll be on the same level as 'RK in Afghanistan' but then it's not supposed to, mind you give MB credit for getting himself in the Theatre in the first place,

    Bearing in mind Mike Brewer is focusing on the machinery & equipment mainly & not the fighting element it won't really excite the 'under contact fire fighting' whore.
  5. With so much made of the state of the art equipment we have been getting in recent times I was suprised that he looked at Tristar, 50cal and Chinook. Cameraman clearly being told to stop filming a dying (or dead) ANA member and not doing so was a bit of a contentious point. full respect to mr Brewer though, I don't think he was expecting that!
  6. I was expecting better, but have a sneaking suspicion the presenter may look for a new line of work, along with a new pair of pants.
  7. Was actually thinking of the bit where MB was having a wobbly moment after getting of the chinook and asked the cameraman to stop filming and then had to walk off round the end.
    Think most casualties had blurring on the faces
  8. I think the prog fast went from "look at this shiney kit" to - fuckin ell, people are shooting at us, shouldnt Kemp be doing this gig, I buy cars FFS
  9. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    I think it may have been one if those special chaps that got the camera man to eventual stop filming.
  10. Will he be taking the broken kit back to the lock up,so Edd China can do it up and sell it on evilbay?
  11. Yeah i noticed one of "them" a yank i think also i liked the way he thanked the brave RAF reg. for getting out of the chopper and giving covering fire?
  12. Full credit to Mike B. for sticking his neck in a place that clearly scares the shit out of him and making no bones about it.

    I like RK, but you get the feeling that he is only there (and cosying up to nasty gangs worldwide) because he once played an 'ard man in a crap soap opera and the unthinking masses really believe he is the same bloke. Thus portrayed, he has to keep up fiction, otherwise millions of idiots will besiege TV Towers (and Facebook probably) demanding that he never, ever show compassion again 'cos Grant don't do that.