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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Good CO, Jun 14, 2004.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I am a mindless square eyed IT geek after a couple of weeks on the site security thing. I am therefore incapable of humourous or creative thought. Could somebody come up with a sensible-ish, topical, ideally military related poll for the front page please. Did you miss us is done really. Answers on a postcard to SwapShop, BBC.. etc...
  2. Do you want to become the British contingent of the New Euro Army under orders from Brussels or remain as the British Army under HM The Queen?

    Something like that Goodboss? :p :wink:
  3. If it's any compfort we got hit by the Brazillians too. They took down every school site in Lancashire. They were not well heeled hackers, mearly a group of script kiddies doing a port and IP address scan looking for a particular PHP vunerablity. Barstewards.
  4. How about 'If you were to join the army now, how long do you think you would serve for?' Then ak for answers in 4 year increments i.e. under 4 years, under 8 years etc.
  5. Weren't you meant to be logged in as olive_green then?
  6. Good question MC but Susie usually being fun doesn't mean she's a thick slapper :lol:
    Anyway what's your poll question...or are you just following me around? :p
  7. My poll question is:

    Should the admins reveal the IP addresses of Olive_Green, Oskar and Susie?

    • - Yes - as they're all *****
      - Yes - be interesting to see
      - Yes
      - May aswell
      - No - as.... ok yes
  8. Ah ha! Another escapee from the swearing filter!
  9. Post the IP address of people that ask questions that some site supporters don't like?
  10. You missed me off....
  11. How about -Should those responsible for kit shortages in the gulf be
    a-hung drawn and quartered?
    b-pissed on by piers morgan?
    c-locked in a freezer?
    d-be made to walk naked along Fallujah High street?
  12. Thats the first sensible thing you've said.
  13. And then you went back to talking utter bollox...

    Like you would know.........
  14. Deleted that one a bit quickly didn't we?

    Thick slapper
  15. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin


    Done the euro army one I think. Any more?