Front page of the Times, whats that weapon?

copied the photo and blew it up - its blurred but I can just make out a SUSAT between his hand and ammo pouch. So with that in mind cancel my last


DPM said:
USGL with torch light and laser pointer on side...

x however many!
you mean this picture?

The two on the right, one has a minimi (the one further away) the other a Gimpy (the one closest to camera)

The weapon on the left looks like an LRAC-89, I have no idea if royal uses them or not but they do use other bits of french kit so I don't see why not.
Don't fight the white, Mark1234, it's an SA80A2 with UGL and LLM. Common stuff now.
Look, it's the bloody standard issue British rifle (call it what you will) with a UGL and LLM. What else would it be?

Deleted 20555

Well it's def not an Lrac - bloody great fibreglass tube about the size (but not the weight) of a Carl Gustav

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