Front page of the People 25th Jan 2004

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 749, Jan 26, 2004.

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  1. 749

    749 Old-Salt

  2. another day, another officer, another utter disgrace.
  3. Mmmmmmmmmm - and I wonder how many soldiers would have had them, knowing that they were underage? In fact, I wonder how many of you reading this have had sex with girls that you knew were under the age of 16?
  4. Ooh boy, hell hath no fury..............never a truer word!!!!

    Several things struck me............... 8O ...............what a goddawful moustache, not bad legs for a 45 year old and this is the second RLC officer being 'exposed' in the press this week - as the rumblings grow about the lack of kit for soldiers in GW2, is anyone else smelling an RLC stitch up?!! Would this be proceeding a big reorganisation of said Corp per chance?!

    Or maybe I'm just underwhelmed with the eroticism displayed by Mark Varley in his webcam................. :roll:
  5. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The man claims he is not a paedophile because he draws the line at 12.

    Words fail me.
  6. Is the thing in the people about the RLC Captain true, I met him a month or two ago, he was recruiting. He seemed like a good bloke - obvoiusly not - if what is said is true.
  7. Not yet LE_OC, Yeah I def met him, more than once he is always at the recriuting things for the Port + Maritme side of the RLC, I recognise the picture, but not the name.
  8. I met him in Kuwait/Iraq
  9. Always wondered hop his pay covered the lifestyle he claimed to have.

    There's a pic of him in the Mod Photo library
  10. I am deeply disappointed at the tone of the responses to this article.

    This young immigrant arrives from Trinidad and assimilates into the establishment successfully. Looking to the future he researches (at great personal risk - 30-50% HIV+ in Zimbabwe) and invests in a sideline which will see him into a comfortable old age once the army casts him aside like a soiled glove.

    Yes, the girls he planned to bring to the UK are a little younger than many of us would feel was fitting for their trade BUT before you shriek "Paedophile!" ask yourself whether, in doing so, you do not lay yourself open to charges of Cultural Imperialism?!

    The poor chap's obviously an unwitting victim of the shibboleths of our narrow society....
  11. An Utter disgrace.

    The only hint of a redeeming feature is that he instantly said he was going to resign his Commission.
  12. Bollocks! I know a sqn OC who's from Sierra Leone for one, so Clarke is NOT the only black officer in the Corps, he may be the only black officer in his Regiment, but a Corps the size of the RLC???

    Not a lot else that can be said that hasn't been said already really, except perhaps castrate the b*stard.
  13. isn't it time for a naval / raf scandal? i'm sure theres plenty of cabin boys held up below decks.
  14. What's a shibboleth ?