Front National to win French Election 2017?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 11, 2016.

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  1. Marine Le Pen, Front Nationale

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  2. Alain Juppé, Republicans

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  3. Nicolas Sarkozy, Hot wife

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  4. François Hollande, Socialist

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  5. Others: French Commies etc.

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  1. The head of steam that his train is currently running at may soon approach some coalition buffers.
    Valls chucked his hat into the ring as a would be convert for Macron, to be swiftly knocked back as he does not "fit the criteria" for the poll next month.
    How very confident of him to be able to turn down the ex-Prime Minister willing to convert as he has seen the light.
    Valls told he ‘does not fit’ En Marche! criteria for June poll - France 24

    For a bloke just elected, and the head of a party just 8 months old with no MPs presently, he is presuming an awful lot.
    He is also seriously underestimating the two main (before all this) parties who have a large, vested interest in the previous status quo, but also a very large organised party machinery each.
    Local issues now come in to play, and people count on their local MPs who they know and trust.
    There are no En Marche MPs yet.
    He is not slippery enough yet.
  2. Charlie Hebdo being a bit harsh on the Macrons, something about being a miracle worker? macron.png
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  3. Marine Le Pen abandons Frexit crusade 'error'
  4. Macron to meet Russia's Putin in France on May 29 - Elysee
    To celebrate 300 years of Franco-Russian cooperation, Macron and Putin are to meet. Russia's Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov said "Russia is ready to take the first step with the new French president ... to overcome the reciprocal mistrust of recent years,"
  5. Just over 2 weeks into his reign and Macron hits his first bit of turbulence in the form of the junior Minister for European Affairs being investigated for fake jobs in the EU Parliament.
    Marielle de Sarnez was also hoping to stand in the legislative elections next month.
    A fresh start squeaky-clean government suddenly isn't.
    To be fair though, there are another 18 French MEP's being investigated too!

    Assistants parlementaires : Marielle de Sarnez visée par une enquête

    Plus ca change!
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  6. French politicians seem to have a thing about defrauding the taxpayers with ghost employees being "employed" by the state.

    The idea that this practice is widespread through the French public sector is seeming more and more credible.
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  7. The Arrse crystal ball is the one that appears to have hit the buffers.
    France 24

    With all our sticking Xs in boxes, we seem to have forgotten there is another one that preoccupied our thoughts for a while.
    Not bad for a party that didn't even exist a short time ago.
    Do we have anyone capable of doing the same? When the SDP breakaway came it was a bit of a flash in the pan. Doubt if a Labour breakaway party is on the cards anymore.
  8. It's only the first round though, and, as we all saw with the results of the presidential in May,
    things can change drastically between the two rounds, just like these figures:-

    French presidential election: first round results in charts and maps

    The other main parties are not going to just fade away and die, there are far too many vested interests involved with the French established political classes, industry and the unions.
    The man in the street sees exactly the same promises as to the future, jobs, wages, pensions, security etc as 5 years ago, the only difference being that then it was Hollande uttering the same phrases.
    There was a great sketch on a political satire show a couple of weeks ago where they dubbed over the ceremony where Hollande handed over to Macron in a father and son manner.
    That is how he is seen here, the son of Hollande who also couldn't accomplish his aims and promises.
    Wait and see, you see?
    I hope I am pleasantly surprised and that he can modernise the French state, long overdue as it is, but I am not holding my breath.
  9. Exit polls: Big majority for Macron in parliament
    Low electoral turnout and tbh I never saw a single political poster in France last weekend, according to exit polls looks like he has a majority:
    Le Pen wins a seat but two aides lose theirs:
  10. A fair amount of posters up in Haute-Vienne but after last Sunday down to only two outside the Mairie.
    Certainly not as busy this week as last week voting wise, most here were resigned to it and went fishing/boules/swimming.
    New Hollande is the nickname given to him by country folk round here.
    Mr Hebdo in Paris has another view on him and his new crop of politicians too.
    Bon courage Emmanuel !

    Nokiaphone 2016 2433.jpg
  11. I was in Paris at a conference at the Porte de Versailles last week, and there were some posters for En Marche. I even saw some activists pasting them up. Having said that, it was much fewer thanI would have expected for a U.K. election