Front National to win French Election 2017?

Who will win the French election in 2017?

  • Marine Le Pen, Front Nationale

    Votes: 180 75.9%
  • Alain Juppé, Republicans

    Votes: 22 9.3%
  • Nicolas Sarkozy, Hot wife

    Votes: 11 4.6%
  • François Hollande, Socialist

    Votes: 5 2.1%
  • Others: French Commies etc.

    Votes: 19 8.0%

  • Total voters
A fair amount of posters up in Haute-Vienne but after last Sunday down to only two outside the Mairie.
Certainly not as busy this week as last week voting wise, most here were resigned to it and went fishing/boules/swimming.
New Hollande is the nickname given to him by country folk round here.
Mr Hebdo in Paris has another view on him and his new crop of politicians too.
Bon courage Emmanuel !

Nokiaphone 2016 2433.jpg
Exit polls: Big majority for Macron in parliament
Low electoral turnout and tbh I never saw a single political poster in France last weekend, according to exit polls looks like he has a majority:

Le Pen wins a seat but two aides lose theirs:
I was in Paris at a conference at the Porte de Versailles last week, and there were some posters for En Marche. I even saw some activists pasting them up. Having said that, it was much fewer thanI would have expected for a U.K. election

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