Front line cookery lessons for Afghan-bound soldiers

Ministry of Defence said:
Soldiers from 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh preparing to deploy to Afghanistan next month have been supplementing their military training with combat cooking lessons.

By 'eck! Soldiers cooking their own grub, whatever next. I wonder if they got HSEQ induction training on using the cookers.

Pay attention. Things to note:

1. Cookers gets 'ot.
2. Frying fings makes hot oil splashes.
3. 'ot food can burn yer mouf.
4. Boilin water 'urts.

You 'as been warned.

I wonder if they will lose their eyebrows like we used to trying to light those (poxy) petrol cookers.

Mark The Convict

Sweet Jesus, I put it on ignore, but it still gets's insidious...inexorable...unbearable...the darkness is closing in...*whimpers*
Jamie Olivers meals in 30 mins ?

Suppose a few goats will be going missing
1 Hexi burner 1 Mess tin some water, a boil in the bag and you are good to go guys.
Royal Welsh?

Can you get boil in a bag Cheesy Chips.

Little taste of Newport wherever you go.
On 'Ration' days we just bought bread from the ANA and warmed our compo up in the boiler.
I once made an oven out of a Bedford pannier...

admittedly on exercise, although I made a 'not as good' oven out of a ammo tin.

The 'Bedford oven' was made in a Polish tank emplacement. The pannier opened out of the ditch (roughly where the gun would point) and inside was the fire (facing the oppisite way). It had to be this way as the inside was deeper than the outside.

Cooked frozen chicken pies from the chefs quite well, and the odd bit of meat and what not bought from the skleps. We used a shovel GS to insert ad remove food.

I liked being back in my det at the fob, we had a microwave, kettle and the air con kept the coke cool.
Pot Noodles..
Mug Shots...
Cuppa Soups..
Tinned Mackerel..
Capacinos (Individual Sachets)..
Scampi Fries
Bacon Fries
Crispy Bacon Bits..
Pork Scratchings
Spicy Peanuts..
Crispy Fried Onions..
Beef Jerky..
Hot Chocolate..
Oxo Cubes..
Chilli Flakes..
Tinned Tuna..
Lots of Sweets and Chewing Gum..

Just a few of the contents We have sent to ***** on H15...

35 boxes to date.....

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