Front grip on SA-80

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by welsh_lad14, Apr 26, 2009.

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  1. Hey, i might be going on Op herrick next year and ive noticed that a few guys have the front grip on there weapons can you choose to have them orrrr isi by chance that you get it? also can you buy one? reason i'm asking is that my left wrist is f****d from rugby and its an effort to hold the weapon properly.

  2. What?
  3. i think he's asking about the front handle on the picatinny rail.

    i think you can buy them off somewhere like Blackhawk. but you'd have to be a tard. If you can't shoot well enough on ops you might struggle to get through OPTAG! APWTs are likely to be on the agenda!

    You do realise it's not just something you stick on the regular foregrip don't you. The picatinny rail screws on in place of the foregrip (using the screw on the slinghook to get it off) and you then attach stuff to the rail, americano styley. they're issued, but as I said you may get one for a large sum of cash on one of the websites that sells all the stuff you don't need (like Blackhawk!... who i think mainly exist for airsofters and blackwater.)
  4. LOL yeah thats what i'm on about, never mind then i passed my APWT on basic. was just wondering about the handle would make things abit easier i could use a wrist support.
  5. Just get the LSW rear grip and screw it on to the foregrip, it's easy :D
  6. mmmmm!!! If you are deploying outside the wire, then the APWT is nothing compared to shooting you will do leading up to deploying. If you are staying within BASTION then dont worry about Ally foregrips!! :roll:
    If you find it hard shooting then you need to look at yourself and get to Dr's. The foregrip may not make any difference and your putting lads at risk if you cannot sustain a firefight by having a weak wrist!
  7. If I was going on ops I dont think I would be worrying about "ally kit", I'd be worrying about getting wounded (again) or worse
  8. Normal firing with the 5.56 Rifle only requires you to rest the front of the wpn on your hand, not to grip it. If you can't even rest the wpn on your hand because it's sore, then you have a problem.

    I can't see a reason for the fore grip thingy, unless the wpn is being used for close quarter stuff. That is only guessing as I've never used one.
  9. If you will be going outside the wire you will be issued a rail and grip/bipod.
    Why waste your money on kit you get issued? (that is good) :roll:
    If your wrist is that bad then get to the Doc's and get it sorted.
  10. It gets issued to deploying units.

    And as someone who recently broke his wrist and has it held together with a plate and screws, i can testify that the down grip definitely takes the edge off having to contort your arm to support the weapon.
  11. what makes you think you won't need to do another one anyway?!
  12. I just returned off leave to find that i have the new rail fitted to my rifle. Its not too bad, but is a b**ch to get on and off to clean. following the original fitting by some retard (who later told me he had to 'hammer it on'), i had to re-zero. On a plus side there is a nice little bi-pod that deploys and a flick of a switch. ideal if you are used to shooting supported.
  13. My air rifle nearly kicks as much as the SA 80, think you're wrist is knackered mate, get down the med centre, I for one would not want you in my brick. But seriously there is minimal kick of the IW , and as has been said before........

    1. The position and hold must be firm enough to support the the weapon
    2. The weapon must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort.
    3. Sight alignment (i.e aiming) and sight picture must be correct.
    4. The shot must be released and followed through without undue disturbance to the position.

    If you cannot attain number 1, forget the rest and get on a biff chit so you don't endanger your muckers!!!
  14. From personal experience (not infantry mind but did deploy outside the wire) most people only used it as a bi-pod to keep the rifle out of the sand when they wernt using it.
  15. I'd be more worried about going to the doctors. You want that wrist right before you deploy for all that crawling you are going to be doing. ;)

    Don't put lads lives at risk. Get it sorted!