Front-bottoms have to sit at the back, I'm afraid...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by filthyphil, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. Andrew Bolt's half-baked, dog whistle 'opinions' are less accurate and eloquent than a flung handful of chimp shit.
  2. Not a fan then?
  3. But apart from that, what's your opinion of him?
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  4. Ranting reactionary lowest-common-denominator muckraking fascist cretin.
  5. FFS, stop beating about the bush! You'll be telling me you don't like Jones or Hadley next.
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  6. There was a bit of a kerfuffle in New Zild a few years ago when 'Graduates' of a Prison Maori Speshulness course were sat at the front and female Prison staff were herded to the back of the room.
    The fems and the right on Blonde Polynesians were bickering for weeks. :)
  7. This would get the feminazis excited of it was sent today:

  8. I think we should kick off big time over this, a religious meeting for those people attending !!! how dare they, Ive a right mind next time theres a Christian wedding to push to the front and move the families out of the way, after all thats selective segregation, and top tables in a mess dont get me started !!!

    Its a meeting if they deem a protocol in a certain way either dont go or cry away, its not a daily schooling at the uni is it !
  9. Never heard of the guy but that piece read more like a diatribe against the Prime Minister than against sexism.

    I suspect he's the sort who'd be perfectly happy to have his womenfolk segregated, provided they made eye-contact with no-one and only spoke to say they'd walked into a door.
  10. To be fair, he's referring to the PM that bleats about sexism every time someone disagrees with her. Especially since she's being investigated for fraud by the rozzers.
  11. Good grief, man! Where do you think you are?!!!
  12. Nice avatar pic. :D

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  13. On the wireless on Saturday morning,the travel show had a piece about Croatia.Part of the report mentioned towers that used to dominate the countryside,usually built over three or four floors.Livestock on the ground floor,women and children on the first,men on the top floor.
    There was usually a staircase around the outside of the building up to the top floor so men visitors coming to see the men of the house didn't have to see the women.