Front and Rear Facing Beret?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by stabandswat, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. I was having a conversation with a mate at my TAC and got talking about capbadges and berets (amazing what a few beers can do) and he mentioned a beret which has a capbadge front and rear. Could anyone enlighten me to the validity of this and if it is indeed true why? Any help appreciated.
  2. Look in Gloucester :threaten:
  3. The former The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry, now part of 1 RIFLES, if memory serves me. I'm not sure why they have two, it's just something I seem to recall Dad telling me!
  4. Look in Korea :threaten:
  5. Dont you mean Gloster :thumright:

    The Glosters

    SK :thumright:
  6. Oh calm down! Sorry I don't have the regimental history of every element (past and present) of the British Army filed away in my brain... :roll: It is something I'll look up though.
  7. Didn't they make hairyplains? :shaking2:
  8. Cheers HS12, I'll take a look later...
  9. The reverse badge originates from the Gloucestershire regiment 'glorious glosters' and also known as back to back boys. During the battle of the Nile the French attempted to attack the Regt from the rear whilst they were engaged from the front. The order was given for the rear rank to about face and fire at the French cavalry which broke the assault.

    The sphinx was added to the capbadge as well as a battle honour and a badge in miniature was worn initially on the reverse of the high collar, later adopted on the head dress when it changed.

    The tradition was carried forward through the amalgamations into the Rifles of today.
  10. ...also doubles as a rivet to keep the beret on in high winds...

    Oi'll get moi coat me 'ansome!
  11. Am sure there's some ex or serving from the Gloucestershire Regt that could fill you in on details.

    I know that the front cap badge was about the size of a mess tin.

  12. I think it was out in Egypt during Napoleon's time when the Gloucester were surrounded and were fighting in all directions they were awarded the right to wear two cap badges front and rear of their hat. The one to the rear was only the fraction of the size to one in the front, This award was carried on even when they wore the Beret. also the they where one of the few British Regiments that have been awarded the American Presidential colours to carry on their Regimental colours.
  13. Later pattern RGBW capbadges were quite a bit smaller than the old dinner plate ones.

    On amalgamation into the Rifles they lost the Brandywine flash behind the capbadge but kept the rear facing badge
  14. .... In common with all other egiments who had faught in Egypt, including of course, the 61st, they were granted the special honour of bearing the Sphinx and the word"Egypt" on their colours. But in common with no other regiment, the 28th were also granted the unique privilege of wearing the regimental number on the back of their head-dress as as well as on the front, a perpetual reminder of the ocassion when the two ranks had faught back to back at Alexandia on March the 21st.

    Daniell, D.S. (1951): Cap of Honour: The Storey of The Gloucestershire Regiment (The 28th / 61st Foot), White Lion Publishers, London.