Fromelles soldiers to be reburied

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by buttonsin3s, Jan 29, 2010.

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  1. The remains of 250 World War I soldiers, including several Scots, who were killed in the 1916 Battle of Fromelles have now been recovered.

    They will be reburied with full military honours at a new cemetery close to the site in northern France.

    Will be a moving weekend for some. (No pun intended)
  2. Our local RBL Branch (Ypres) will be present at all the re-interments. Banjo Trooper will be there tommorrow to represent our branch. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of February there will be re-interments. All recieving full military honours.
    This will be a very unique and humbling event. a recovery of bodies of men from the BEF/AIF, who fell in WW1, on this scale has not been seen since the body recovery teams that worked on the former Western Front went home in the twenties. The last time the CWGC built a cemetery to accommodate the fallen of WW1, on the Western Front, was in 1938.

  3. Interesting article on how the bodies are being identified.

    DNA testing

    I am sure this morning's ceremony will be extremely moving. Hope it is not too cold ....... wear your greatcoats.
  4. Watched it on BBC 24 very moveing, nice to see the Australians useing SLRs
  5. At 10.20 UK time I just caught the end of live coverage on BBC News 24. Very moving, wish I could have been there. Well done to the RRF & Australian Soldiers involved.

    Hopefully video may be on BBC news website later
  6. Thanks PT. Bit dusty in here ........
  7. FM. Sit rep hang fired mate. Will call you later but I can tell you this. I don't know about the smell of napalm in the morning, but the smell of cordite wafting across the Fromelles battlefields again after all these years was most poignient indeed! Our boys and the Aussie Defence Force lads done the guys proud. Thanks lads. Respect!

    As far as the French Generals speech was concerned however, not impressed at all!! :x
  8. Who was it and what did he say? Or not say ......
  9. Sending a contingent from 4Rifles to help this month.
  10. Although excellent news it seems the stretch of our imagination or sorrow only extends up until WWI. Hundreds of thousands of British or English soldiers have died throughout the globe before this date but are largely forgotten.
  11. Hundreds of thousands of British or English soldiers have died throughout the globe before this date but are largely forgotten.

    SO what about the Irish, Welsh, Scots who may be a part of the hundreds of thousands of "british or english soldiers" ??????
  12. I think that they were covered by the term "BRITISH"
  13. yes agreed but would the term British not also cover English?