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From Us Oldies

I'm sure I speak for all us oldies when I say Merry Xmas to all serving members of "THE" Corps , may you all have a great Xmas and to all you lads and lasses on ops, Keep your heads down and come through safely.
it a deal!bet a bottle of stella on it!after friday,s pathetic showing they need a good show tomorrow,or i,m afraid lyn jones could be shown the door!
craftsmanx said:
matregs said:

See you at the Army v Navy

I hang my head in shame

You mustn't do that. Imagine ,you could be an England cricket fan. Of course they've taken the Welshman out of the side.
Cymru am Byth
maybe matregs if i,m in country.the welshman in question is in fact an adopted englishman! :headbang:

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