From Tw*t to Twix

It is comforting to know that his fellow inmates are assisting with his rehabilitation. What happens with the Twix needs further explanation though.
The chocolate covered phallic snack was merely a hint of what was to come, whilst providing the inmates an insight into his oral technique.
Jim Sheridan has also made new friends,here is a quote from one of them.

"A parasitical element might, for instance, call him a cavilling joy-vacuum, a waddling autocrat manqué, a great swollen zeppelin of self-importance, his face sour as vinegar and his voice dull as drizzle," he wrote, adding: "I, however would write no such thing."
.....has become "a bit of a hero figure", and treated to luxuries like deodorant and Twix bars.
Aren't they prison euphemisms for them giving the smelly bastard the golden rivet?
One wonders if has learned how to wee into the cell Bucket at night without waking his cellies..... Who's turn is it to be Mummy....?
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