From the world of more money than sense....

There are some disturbed people out there. Heap of cr@p as far as I am concerned.

Saying that, I did just see a scaled up version (six feet tall) of an boiled egg slicer in Edinburgh so the monumental stupidity and gullability of arty folk doesn't surprise me. I think it had just been bought for a 6 figure sum by the National Gallery of Scotland. "Peerless bit of local art" don't you know.... 8O
Cynical tw*ts.

"Yves Klein’s (1928-62) IKB 92 embodies the intrinsic and unique spirituality that he believed to be present in a work of art. One of eleven monochromes of identical dimensions and colour that Klein produced during 1959, these works convey the artist’s belief that the individual value of a work resides in the creativity installed in it. The IKB monochromes give an insight into the artist’s romanticised, mystical belief in an immaterial world. IKB 92 denies any visible trace of the artist’s hand, allowing the rich materiality of the blue pigment to saturate the canvas without variation in hue or texture and the colour to find complete, uninterrupted unity in the monochrome. The work is estimated at £1,000,000-1,500,000."

Worth every penny. :D :D
At least the painting the Canadian Government bought a few years back had three colours in it.. Huge canvas with three coloured stripes that looked like they were applied with a household paint roller..cost a few million..everyone raved [or were raving mad ]..
all the ususual.. sh*t I could have done that/better at half the price, etc. etc... thing is no one did and the ' artist' did and figured how to put it over the punters.. all Emperor's clothes one wants to be thought ' ignorant '

how else to explain the ' artisits' who make coats out of meat, put up a bed in a gallery and cover it with w*nked on sheets, 'create' and empty room whose lights go on and off at regular intervals, and someone buys that American who bought the stuffed shark in jello or whatever a bit back and is now cr*pping his pants because the thing is rotting away in its display case...

Now, for true artistic gaul you got to love Warhol's Campbell Soup label 'writ large ' or Kleis Oldenburg's giant fabric hamburger [ which, sadly, resides in my home town ] complete with sewn pickles, lettuce and tomatoes..

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