From The " Well, Duh!" Dept.

This latest from the Boffins Who Love To Spend Grant Money on the Obvious, dept.:

" men rate themselves as being less in love with their partner after looking at Playboy centrefolds than they did before seeing pictures of beautiful women." [ Psychology Today ]
" This finding is all the more surprising because getting someone aroused normally boosts their attraction to their partner. But seeing beautiful models wiped out whatever effect the men might have experienced from being sexually aroused.

The strange thing is, being bombarded with visions of beautiful women [ or, for women, socially powerful men ] doesn't make us think our partners are less physically attractive. It doesn't change our perception of our partner. Instead by some sleight of mind, it distorts our idea of the pool of possibilities."


so, come on, how many of you want to fess up that after flipping through a w@nk mag or a nice healthy porno website you don't adversely compare the spouse/tart in the house and find them just a wee bit wanting in the oomph department..?

or, conversely, after persusing said periodicals/forums, this stokes the fires and you're all over the wo/men of the house with desires for luuuurve?

Despite her wifely charms, the missus just doesn't -er - measure up - to the standard set by the air-brushed and stapled advertising...though there are compensations...ahem ...

edited to add [ by command ] such as being willing to put up with me
so by cutting out the face of a porn diva and placing on the brown bag idea is WRONG!
Although running the danger of being called pussy-whipped etc, I can safely say that I find my girlfriend far more attractive and sexually arousing than any number of trollops in a porn film! Apart from the fact that she is actually and naturally gorgeous (and a few other ARRSErs have met her and can back me up there), she is also REAL and hence can actually engage in the odd spot of hide the salami, which always feels better than a visit to Mrss Palm and her daughters!

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